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Ep. 200: The value of preparing for innovation | Listen time: 10:04

by Mike Maxwell | Elizabeth Shaffer

Published on 12/1/2020

To ensure health care organizations are ready and able to embrace the latest technology, it’s important they're not only current, but also have a strategy to stay current — establishing a path for continued improvement. 

In this episode, we’re joined by two Cerner experts, Mike Maxwell, leader of the continuous improvement delivery team, and Elizabeth Shaffer, director of interoperability implementation. 

Tune in to hear Mike and Elizabeth answer these questions:

  • What does the phrase, ‘Get current, stay current,’ mean? 
  • What challenges do health care organizations face around staying current? How can they overcome these obstacles? 
  • Why should organizations prioritize being on the latest code?
  • What value will the new Seamless Exchange interoperability solution bring to health care providers? 

Listen to the podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech." 

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