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Truman Medical Centers Combating High-Risk Chronic Conditions

Published on 5/16/2017

Truman Medical Centers (TMC) and Cerner have teamed up to launch comprehensive disease management programs supported by advanced remote patient monitoring technology. Through the initiative, TMC clinicians are working to proactively engage patients in their health and improve outcomes for groups of individuals with high-risk chronic conditions.

Algorithms configured in Cerner's HealtheIntent population health management platform identified select groups of TMC's patient population with conditions like diabetes and chronic heart failure that could benefit from enhanced health monitoring. To track health conditions and vitals outside of the traditional hospital setting, program participants received remote patient monitoring kits with medical devices that are connected to their individual electronic health records.

"We joined this strategic relationship with Cerner to research and develop opportunities to improve the health of our population, and we are proud to launch this pilot program. Diabetes and chronic heart failure are not only common, life-threatening and costly diseases, they are also extremely preventable. Our goal is to encourage participants to more actively manage their care and provide our care teams with the tools and opportunities to intervene with treatment, ultimately working to positively impact health conditions and prevent readmissions," said Mitzi Cardenas, senior vice president and chief strategy and information officer, TMC.

HealtheIntent aggregates and analyzes participant health information and sends automated alerts of concerning data patterns in near real-time to help TMC care teams proactively intervene with essential treatment plans.

"Engagement is a critical piece of chronic condition care management, especially after a patient has left the hospital," said Sonja Dicken, director of Health Home Primary Care at TMC. "The introduction of HealtheIntent into our monitoring workflow has saved our staff time by facing up important information quickly and making scheduling follow-up interactions easier."

After six to nine months, participants' health metrics will be assessed to determine if their health outcomes have improved. TMC and Cerner will use the results of the pilot to inform the expansion of similar remote patient monitoring programs at TMC and across the health care industry.

In October 2015, TMC and Cerner entered into a strategic relationship dedicated to the transformation of health care in Kansas City. The goal of the alignment, named KC one, is to solve the challenges of health care, such as how to lower costs, enhance the quality of care and improve patient safety.

"While providers deliver care in traditional health care settings, health crises or situations typically occur outside of this setting, like their home, workplace or in the community. We're proud to use our technology to engage in proactive care management and provide the solutions and support that participants need to manage their health," said Ryan Hamilton, senior vice president of population health, Cerner.

About Truman Medical Centers

Truman Medical Centers (TMC) has all the things you expect from a great health system. With two acute care academic hospital locations, a beautiful new outpatient care facility, the largest, most comprehensive behavioral health program in the area, a long-term care facility and multiple primary care practices, TMC provides the complete continuum of care. We are the primary teaching hospital for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, so our doctors are academic specialists who teach tomorrow's doctors the very latest updates in their respective specialties.