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Published on April 15, 2020

An innovation that changes how healthcare providers work, shifts care from calendar-based to needs-based, and from being episodic and reactive to proactive and continuous. It also increases efficiency, creates patient engagement and gives healthcare providers a powerful tool to monitor patients remotely. Too good to be true? Not at all, please meet the winner of eHealth Award 2019, Cross Technology Solutions.

At the Vitalis Conference in 2019, the winner of the eHealth Award was announced with the following justification from the jury:

“They contribute to an increasingly person-centred care for a large patient group. They enable the right care, at the right time, to the right patient and the healthcare provider can proactively provide more care with the same resources. Their innovative solution is open to third-party collaboration and integration based on standards, and creates a paradigm shift in healthcare”.

Cross Technology Solutions was the proud and deserving winner of the award. Their vision is to evolve healthcare everywhere, and the company based in Lund has already made a mark in Sweden whilst driving a paradigm shift in healthcare.

Automatic medical priority
Cross Technology Solutions was founded as a consultancy and innovation company in 2004 and has worked with the development of disruptive technologies for healthcare with focus on quality and assurance for many years.

The LifePod platform is a software product that monitors the lifestyle of groups of patients at a distance. It consists of two applications; a patient interface and a medical interface managed by the healthcare provider. The platform is a CE-approved medical device that automatically identifies and grades chronical patients' medical priority. This is presented in a powerful graphical decision support interface. The healthcare provider can easily handle large patient groups remotely, making it useful for illness such as cardiovascular disease, COPD, diabetes or other conditions a caregiver wants to track.

“I was inspired to innovate LifePod when I saw how many patients struggle with managing their disease. I thought patients would benefit from knowing and tracking their health status when suffering from diabetes for example. At the same time, I realized how helpful this knowledge would be for healthcare providers. Receiving data and information that enables prioritising patients based on care needs and not on availability in a calendar. Now we enable remote chronic patient care tracking, and proactive intervention“, says Thomas Bergqwist, CEO and founder of Cross Technology Solutions.

Today the LifePod-platform is used at three hospitals in Sweden for patients with coronary heart disease as part of a clinical research study concerning reducing the risk of a second heart attack. Several primary care centres and clinics utilise LifePod to monitor patients with congestive heart failure and COPD. Cross Technology Solutions signed their first commercial agreement in 2016 where LifePod is the digital solution used to monitor COPD-patients remotely in several regions in Sweden.

The survival of a game changer
Getting a head with a digital innovation in a time before the smartphone as we know it had been invented was not plain sailing. An invention that allowed patients to manage their own health risk and health status also challenged the structure and view of how care should be both provided and received.

One of the hardest challenges for us has been that the market and healthcare sector hasn’t been ready for digitisation. The LifePod-platform truly changes the way healthcare professionals work. It empowers patients and gives them an opportunity to be more engaged, whilst changing care from calendar-based to needs-based, all made possible by digital technology. It is and was a game changer!” says Dag Westberg, Business Development, Cross Technology Solutions.

The team at Cross Technology Solutions know how to play the game. Complying with applicable laws, regulations and standards has been a priority from the start, and so has safe-guarding their innovation. The LifePod-platform is protected by several patents in Europe, Canada, Russia and Australia, and patent approval is pending in the USA.

The approval of the intellectual property of the unique and innovative idea of the LifePod-platform is important confirmation that we are focusing on the right things. It’s reassuring to have it protected through patents, says Thomas Bergqwist.

When asked to share valuable advice with other start-ups looking to succeed a few tips are clear. Initiate strategic partnerships that can accelerate the road to success, involve the end-user as early as possible in developing and testing so you know you’re on the right track, don’t underestimate the required regulatory work, and last but not least, apply for the eHealth Award!

Victory opens doors
Cross Technology Solutions describe winning the eHealth Award 2019 as a positive boost that resulted in growth in their network, business opportunities and arenas to showcase their company and innovation.

Winning the eHealth Award gave us valuable acknowledgement, credibility, and positive publicity. After we won, stakeholders showed an interest and wanted to discuss business opportunities. It has been easier to reach out to certain business partners, but it is still a long way to go. We came home with hundreds of new contacts in our target group that had shown real interest in our solution. We highly recommend other start-ups to apply to the eHealth Award!” Cathrin Jung, PR manager at Cross Technology Solutions exclaims.

With a strong commitment to push a paradigm shift in healthcare, Cross Technology Solutions have an ambition to become the leading eHealth company on the international market. An exciting company to watch, we know we’ll be keeping an eye on them and their future endeavours!