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by Carolina Wallenius
Published on February 10, 2020

We want to reward the innovations that empowers patients, increases outcomes and decreases the cost of healthcare.

The Nordic countries are renowned for ranking at the top of innovation scoreboards, and HealthTech is one of the most current investment areas. We want to help innovators to reach their market, so we can further develop healthcare together.

In 2017 Cerner initiated the Swedish eHealth Award, in partnership with Vitalis, Sahlgrenska Science Park and HealthTech Nordic, with the objective to accelerate innovations in healthcare. The previous winners- Coala Life, Kontigo Care and Cross Technology Solutions- have reached great success and are on interesting growth journeys.

2020 eHealth Award is being reinvented and now welcome innovations from all the Nordic countries to accept the challenge. eHealth Award offers a unique platform, including a global network and publicity in an exciting context. 

The jury is dynamic and insightful with long experience including representation from patients, healthcare professionals and the Nordic health tech community as well as the industry.

I am proud and excited of the broad engagement and eager for the launch of Nordic eHealth Award 2020.

Accept the challenge! Visit and follow the eHealth Award Facebook page to apply for the award and learn more!

Help us spread the word and see you at Vitalis conference where the winner will be announced!


  • The registration is open February 6 – April 2, 2020
  • The winner will be presented at the opening ceremony of Vitalis conference in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 5, 2020
  • Prize:
    • 50 000 SEK in prize money
    • 10 hours of publicity work provided by Miltton Group
    • Speaking slot at relevant conference such as Cerner’s European Collaboration Forum in London 2021
    • Publicity in social media


  • The award is open to Nordic small businesses that have an innovative eHealth solution or product that has shown benefits for the patient, citizen, healthcare professional and/or healthcare organisation.


  • The product or solution has been piloted and tested and has shown beneficial results for patient, citizen, clinician, and/or healthcare organization
  • The product or solution must have the potential for scalability on a national and international level
  • To an extent or fully have involved the end user group as part of the development of the product/solution
  • The product/solution must to a degree improve or affect one or more of the following:
    • Enhance citizen and/or patient engagement
    • Enhance work processes for healthcare and welfare professionals
    • Organizational development
    • Care outcomes
    • Improved quality of life