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Let data drive your decision making

By leveraging aggregated and normalised data across the community, we can provide healthcare facilities with a comprehensive suite of real-time in-workflow data-driven decision support capabilities. These, alongside our near real-time analytical solutions, enable you to perform advanced analysis that is tailored to your organisation or health and care economy’s needs and goals.

Let insight drive you

Having a robust source of information is crucial, which is why we have developed HealtheIntent® to establish cleansed, standardised and normalised data for your populations, regardless of whether you are an accountable care system, hospital chain or collaboration. This and any other data that’s important to you is seamlessly and securely integrated with third-party content and tools in our HealtheEDW® data warehouse. This provides you with advanced organisation- and system-wide analytics, enabling you to make intelligent, insight-driven care decisions at a provider or personal level. Our clients are solving complex questions in minutes and establishing themselves as learning health systems, capable of agile and adaptive change.

Complements multiple analytic problem solving processes

We work with our clients to establish standard analytics content packages for our HealtheEDW, so you don’t have to start from scratch. These HealtheAnalytics® packages provide pre-structured content around a specific analytic focus that includes key performance indicators (KPIs), reports and data models. This helps you to define goals, measure current performance, analyse variables, initiate appropriate improvement strategies, and both control and re-evaluate the impact of these strategies. The single information model for HealtheIntent globally is helping clients collaborate and rapidly disseminate knowledge and learning.

Make viewing essential metrics easier

Understanding the operation and usage of your electronic medical record systems is crucial to understanding how effective it is. Lights On Network® bridges the gap between using medical record software and the transparency needed to know the impact on daily operations. With near real-time updates, recommendations and information viewable in context, you’ll be able to make your clinical and operational decisions more accurate, reliable, and effective each and every day.


How can Cerner support hospitals with next generation analytics?

We are working with our hospital clients to transition their data into HealtheIntent and form a collaboration for shared design of analytics and data insights. Working from a single information model and building common content will save the hospital time and effort, but also enable collaboration and benchmarking. This will not be restricted to hospital clients using Cerner Millennium.

Cerner’s strategy with clients for population health management is to know where to focus attention, to find and engage citizens, and actively manage each individual to improve their health and wellbeing. Consequently, population health analytics on normalised, near real-time information on a single source of truth has a key role to play in stratifying and understanding where integrated health and care need to focus attention. However, analytics alone is not sufficient to proactively manage health and wellbeing.

The real step change that HealtheIntent has enabled is not the individual data insight tools themselves, but the combination of normalised data in a near real-time environment, coupled with full integrated tooling. This has enabled clinical and non-technical staff to be able to provide data insights to complex questions within an hour, turning the care system into a learning system. Hospitals have changed antibiotic prescribing policies within a week, and care systems have deployed their services to areas of need as a result of working with information and not data, in a visually appealing way and encouraging progress through staff being inquisitive.

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