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Application services

Providing proactive and personalised support

Our Application Management Services (AMS) teams work with you to deliver world-class support, ensuring that your workflows are efficient and your system’s code is kept up to date. We give you a proactive and personalised support experience to help you achieve your goals through continuous advancement across the care continuum. Our scale and experience provides a unique advantage by allowing you to better leverage your IT investment.

World class production support

Cerner AMS gives you the best support, with direct and continuous support for the day-to-day operational management of our solutions. Our application specialists work with your IT transformation team to streamline functions as well as troubleshoot and problem-solve any issue. By partnering with us, your solutions will run more efficiently, allowing you to be more strategic and focus on your roadmap, projects and initiatives.

Helping you reach your targets

Move towards your electronic health record (EHR) goals by solving one problem at a time and at pace. Our data-driven optimisation approach helps you to identify opportunities to advance, enact the changes and measure the progress you’re making towards your targets. Focusing on technology and behaviour changes help produce the most efficient, effective and satisfied users.

Keeping your solutions up to date

You can leverage the latest functionality of our solutions through our upgrade team. They focus solely on making sure you’re running the most recent code so that you can stay current with our latest innovations. As well as reducing costs and improving functionality, it also allows you to have a predictable timeline for system upgrades.

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