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Cerner is focused on optimising the patient’s journey through the health system – including resource utilisation – from the time they seek primary care, through any hospital visits and subsequent care in community settings. Our clinical solutions aim to provide this help in ways that make real differences – saving time, reducing error, providing insight, and more – all with the intention of improving both patient outcomes and the clinician experience, as well as reducing costs.

Clinical staff

Health and care staff are making life-changing decisions day in, day out, so the more support that’s available, the better. People-centred processes and technology independent of operational silos are key components to helping bottom lines in both the volume and value worlds.

By building well-integrated, purpose-built systems aimed at increasing operational efficiencies, we can help organisations increase efficiency and throughput across the healthcare environment of today and tomorrow. Cerner can help you to coordinate and optimise your resources, anticipate and resolve service delivery issues, and provide the most effective management for your organisation.

Together, shared care records, better capacity management and improved patient flow ensure that people are at the right place at the right time with the right care giver, resulting in better outcomes.

Administrative staff

Today’s health and care services aren’t just about doctors and nurses – the teams that make it possible for clinicians to do their jobs play as significant a role in ensuring the patient experience goes smoothly. That’s why we’re passionate about creating administrative solutions that support you when you’re managing community appointments, checking bed capacity, contacting relatives and generally helping your organisation deliver its goals efficiently.

When you’re in charge of the smooth running of a health and care system, organisation is key. That’s why our solutions are designed to help you make sense of all the information you’re faced with and allow you to deal with it in a structured, logical way. Say goodbye to repetitive data inputting and incomplete records – progressive healthcare IT from Cerner will help you work more efficiently, which will aid you in supporting patients and both the clinical and community teams.

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Order management

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