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Hospital operations

Manage your resources

Effective resource management is essential to achieving the right staffing mix and effectively managing patient flow. Cerner specialises in providing complete and timely information about what’s happening in your wards and across your healthcare organisation to add real-time data to your decision-making processes.

Patient-centred approach

Our focus is squarely on the patient and individual electronic health record-driven workloads to help improve their outcomes. In addition to each patient’s clinical data, our Clairvia® solution utilises information from existing time and attendance systems to leverage each piece of information needed to make the best staffing decisions, for both caregivers and patients.

Managing your workforce

A hospital’s workforce is its greatest asset, so it’s critical to appropriately plan for staffing needs and have them align to individual patient care needs. Cerner utilises predictive intelligence, smart assignments and productivity reporting to ensure that your organisation can provide the best possible care and patient outcomes.

Considering your capacity

Utilise real-time data from across your organisation to manage resources in a sophisticated, efficient way. Our solutions deliver views spanning bed management, domestic services, transport, pre-admissions, transfers and more, meaning that you can make sure the right people are in the right places getting the right treatment at the right time.


How can Cerner help organisations’ patient placement process to improve productivity and patient flow?

Cerner automates bed management processes, the biggest driver of patient throughput in an organisation, an enormous cost/opportunity, and one of the largest pain points for patients and organisations. Bed management is dynamic and plays a huge role in management and visibility of demand so Cerner integrates CareAware Patient Flow into FirstNet® – our emergency solution – revealing inpatient bed assignments in the latter.

Cerner is able to leverage workforce intelligence to analyse data from multiple streams (electronic health record, admission/discharge transfer data, human resources, and others), to objectively project demand for staff based on individual patient condition and also assign the most appropriate caregiver.

Location awareness for patients, care providers, and equipment through real-time location services (RTLS) tagging helps to quickly identify location of items and improve management of assets through sensory technology.

Transitions of care within acute care and post-acute venues is augmented with analytics, technology, care team alignment, and broad visibility to data. Many Cerner solutions contribute to improved transitions of care processes, including care team tools such as digital unit dashboards, bed management system, APACHE® Outcomes, newly optimised clinical workflows for discharge, and most appropriate post-acute placement.

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