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Direct within the electronic health record

When problems, diagnoses, results, images and content are available to the care team within the electronic health record (EHR), better care decisions can be made, providing for a better patient experience. Cerner imaging solutions, for cardiovascular, clinical and radiology, are embedded within the EHR, delivering a holistic patient view for the relevant caregivers.

Cardiovascular imaging and non-imaging

Patients’ records include diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions and follow-up regimes. Electrocardiogram (ECG) objects are digitised and accessed within the EHR providing clinicians in your cardiology department the ability to receive and present ECG data as it is acquired. This eliminates the necessity to manage a separate ECG information system.

Clinical imaging

A comprehensive EHR includes digital images and various forms of multimedia. Our clinical imaging solution provides a holistic patient record by allowing you to handle all imaging and media content generated in the care process. This ensures that all required information is available within the EHR to all the relevant medical staff.

Radiology imaging

Cerner’s radiology solution provides streamlined workflows that enable the use of advanced viewing capabilities in context with patients’ EHR information such as patient history, radiation dose information, laboratory results, and medications. Embedding the imaging workflows within the EHR removes unwanted interruptions in the clinical workflow and improves end-to-end departmental operations.


How can having imaging workflows embedded in the EHR improve operations?

You will get a range of data all in one place, including:

Patient management
Order entry
Patient scheduling
Worklist management
Image interpretation
Image and report distribution
Business analytics

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