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IT management and alignment

Forging the closest of partnerships

We call our closest, most highly aligned technology business relationships with our clients, Cerner ITWorks. Through these alignments, we bring to bear Cerner’s best people, solutions and services, and we organise them around your needs, your goals and your future.

Delivering predictable costs and value

We’re aligned with your healthcare organisation for the long-term. You’ll enjoy piece of mind from your predictable spending on IT, and you’ll realise the expected value of your purchased solutions.

Putting boots on the ground

You won’t need to constantly contact London, Kansas City or anywhere else – we’ll establish an on-site project management office. As the go-to place for local support, our office will also act as a central hub to help you learn from other clients.

Boosting end user satisfaction

By working together, we’ll speed up implementation of your strategic IT projects. Our experienced team members will work with your executive clinical staff to drive adoption and increase satisfaction among end users.


How does Cerner ITWorks support rapid IT advancement?

Only ITWorks offers the combination of our nationally recognised Cerner services together with our project management office and clinical leader programmes. These teams can help you deploy your strategic roadmap solutions in a timely and predictable manner.

Recently, in just 21 months, Nanticoke Health Services in Seaford, Delaware, USA, opened three intermediate care centres, a multi-specialty health pavilion and an outpatient surgery centre to better service its community.

“By joining ITWorks, I would say we have jumped to warp speed,” said Dr Robert Ferber, chief clinical information officer. “We are really accomplishing a lot and seeing new ideas in the near horizon that I don’t think would have happened.”

An important part of our clients’ success over time has been the fact that their IT expenditures are predictable. With healthcare regulations becoming more stringent, ITWorks presents foreseeable IT spend in an unpredictable industry.

The long-term nature of these relationships allows Cerner and your organisation to accurately budget for IT spending and realise the expected value of your purchased solutions. “Cash flow, capital and operating costs [can] be predictable over a 10-year horizon,” said Susan Green, senior vice president and chief financial officer, Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.

Some of the most important work at Genesis Health System in Davenport, Iowa, USA has been the establishment of governance councils that pick which IT projects will be implemented – and when. These groups make sure that Genesis’ IT projects align to the organisation’s strategic plans.

Before ITWorks, some nurses and doctors said they felt like their voices went unheard. The ITWorks team brought in a different governance model, which gives system users more control over the organisation’s IT roadmap.

“It’s helping us prioritise what we are doing, rather than doing what the loudest person wants done,” said Dr Kenneth Naylor, medical director, Genesis BirthCenter.

To help our clients with difficult issues like governance and clinician engagement, ITWorks has healthcare executives, who develop and maintain positive relationships with your clinical leaders as well as your on-site ITWorks associates.

These experienced clinicians guide and consult with your on-site leaders regarding your most important initiatives and your roadmap. In doing so, they reinforce the value ITWorks places on collaboration and advancement of strategic objectives related to patient care, operational efficiency and overall strategic outcomes.

Clinicians in this role focus on your core business, future plans, growth and partner with other team members around the transformation of health and care.

“We’re catching nursing up to the 21st century and where we need to be with Cerner as a partner – it’s exciting,” said Laura Brower, RN, chief nursing officer, Augusta University Health in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

Innovation is a Cerner hallmark – Forbes magazine ranks Cerner #37 on its list of the world’s most innovative companies. Given the close relationship we have with our ITWorks clients, we have the chance to collaborate on exciting new technologies.

At the Bear Institute, a partnership between Cerner and Children’s National Health System in Washington DC, ITWorks staff members worked closely with doctors to develop a tool that warns clinicians when patients are in danger of developing a urinary tract infection or other complications.

These ‘quality boards’ are highly visible digital dashboards that display real-time quality and safety indicators based on live patient information.

“Being on the leading edge of technology partnering with Cerner to have the Bear Institute to be the leaders for the applications of technology to paediatrics is so cool. It’s where we want to be. It’s how we want to change the world,” said Dr Kurt Newman, president and chief executive officer, Children’s National Health System, Washington DC.

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