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Nursing documentation

More time to deliver care to the patient

We work tirelessly with nurses at all levels around the world to ensure that they can deliver the care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence in their jobs. Worldwide, over 900 of our associates have nursing backgrounds, so you can be sure that our solutions are designed to enable nurses to deliver world class care to the right people at the right times.

Evidence-based knowledge within the context of the workflow

Nursing teams save time seeking medical clarifications thanks to our solutions making the information easily accessible. At the same time as checking on a patient’s clinical status, best practice evidence, protocols and guidelines are available across disciplines, providing greater efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Automated workflow processes for each role and speciality

Bedside devices integrated to the electronic health record (EHR) provide nurses with standardised terminology and workflows in every role, meaning less time is spent understanding systems and more time engaging with the patient. These workflows improve quality and give providers feedback on the time saved, allowing them to allocate staff more efficiently.

Enhanced coordination, communication and collaboration

Cerner solutions create a single source of truth for the entire care delivery team. This is done by providing real time access to the same information regardless of role, specialty or condition. As a result, we are able to support the full scope of practice for each nurse with automated protocols, optimised handovers and regulatory requirements captured as a natural by-product of documentation.

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