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Technology and consulting

Healthcare informatics solutions

The digital maturity level of healthcare organisations has significantly increased over the last ten years. Clinical practice across venues of care is ever more reliant on enabling IT solutions and applications. As a result, clinical workflows have evolved and brought new IT challenges for healthcare organisations to deal with. Today’s heterogeneous or best of breed environments within healthcare IT mean it’s often difficult for organisations to ensure standardisation of end users’ methods of accessing various software platforms. Our decades of experience recommend a three-stage approach: discovery, transformation and adoption.


The discovery stage is a data driven review of organisational technology needs, benchmarked against international standards and the standards of best in class organisations. This results in a prioritised roadmap focusing on the most appropriate investments and initiatives for your organisation.


During the transformation stage, Cerner and the client team will implement all the agreed recommendations and initiatives from the discovery stage. The scope of such an implementation will inevitably vary due to the specifics of the findings and the business priorities to be addressed at each organisation.

Adoption and management

At this stage, the focus is on consolidation and adoption of the improvements achieved during the transformation stage. It is vital to embed the workflow changes of the project in order to realise the benefits of your investment and the partnership with Cerner.

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