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    Ep. 129: Dr. Steve Arendt and Dani Riecke on Establishing Best Practices for an Effective Antimicrobial Stewardship Program | Listen Time: 9:32

    On this episode of Perspectives on Health and Tech, we’re joined by Cerner's Dr. Steve Arendt and Dani Riecke. They discuss antimicrobial stewardship guidelines that health care systems should follow to deliver better patient outcomes, reduce microbial resistance and decrease the spread of infections.


    Ep. 82: Dignity Health's Sean Turner on Leveraging HIEs for Disaster Preparedness

    HIEs empower the appropriate, timely sharing of vital patient information between organizations, which can better inform decision making at the point of care. There’s even more potential for HIEs to impact outcomes when it comes to disaster preparedness, as they have the potential to provide timely access to clinical information in response to a disaster.