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    HHSC Kauai Region implements a clinically driven revenue cycle for a healthier bottom line

    Over the past several years, many health systems have run into pain points that lead to underperforming metrics, insufficient workflows, and undefined roles. But Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) – Kauai Region began tackling these issues in 2019 by implementing CommunityWorks and a clinically driven revenue cycle (CDRC).

    3 ways organizations can advance gender-affirming healthcare

    At Oracle Cerner Health Conference 2022, Danny Gladden, general manager of behavioral health at Oracle Health, welcomed Rogers Behavioral Health leaders Sarah El-Ali, solution strategist for medical staff services, and Jessica Langill, equity, diversity, and inclusion coordinator, to discuss how their organization is changing its technology, processes, and culture to advance patient care for gender minorities.

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    Oracle Corporation is an integrated technology company based in Austin, Texas. Oracle offers a collection of cloud technologies, applications, databases, storage and servers to empower modern business.