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    RWD Publications - Habits of emergency physicians for diagnosis of non-traumatic headache | Cerner

    A description of prescribing habits of emergency physicians for a diagnosis of non-traumatic headache using Cerner Health Facts, a national EHR database (5130). To explore patterns of opioid versus non-opioid medication use over time for different demographic groups in the treatment of non-traumatic headache in em

    RWD Publications - HealtheDataLab: predicting multicenter pediatric readmissions | Cerner

    There is a shortage of medical informatics and data science platforms using cloud computing on electronic health record (EHR) data, and with computing capacity for analyzing big data. We implemented, described, and applied a cloud computing solution utilizing the fast health interoperability resources (FHIR) standardization and state-of-the-art parallel distributed computing platform for advanced analytics.

    RWD Publications - Relationships between COVID-19 and cardiovascular health outcomes | Cerner

    To understand how the COVID-19 affects, and is affected by, cardiovascular conditions, larger and more diverse patient samples are necessary. A better understanding of how the disease interacts with pre-existing risk factors and COVID-19 induced complications may improve the ability of clinicians to provide informed care.

    RWD Publications - Prehospital antiplatelet therapy linked to COVID-19 patient survival | Cerner

    In the largest observational study to date of prehospital antiplatelet therapy in patients with COVID-19, there was an association with significantly lower in-hospital mortality. Randomized controlled trials in diverse patient populations with high rates of baseline comorbidities are needed to determine the ultimate utility of antiplatelet therapy in COVID-19.

    RWD Publications - Acute ischemic stroke and COVID-19 | Cerner

    Acute ischemic stroke may occur in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), but risk factors, in-hospital events, and outcomes are not well studied in large cohorts. We identified risk factors, comorbidities, and outcomes in patients with COVID-19 with or without acute ischemic stroke and compared with patients without COVID-19 and acute ischemic stroke.

    RWD Publications - Statistical learning for predicting COVID-19 severity among cardiovascular patients | Cerner

    A super learner ensemble of 14 statistical learning models for predicting COVID-19 severity among patients with cardiovascular conditions. Cardiovascular and other circulatory system diseases have been implicated in the severity of COVID-19 in adults. This study provides a super learner ensemble of models for predicting COVID-19 severity among these patients.

    RWD Publications - Statins decrease mortality rate among COVID-19 patients | Cerner

    The severe respiratory illness due to SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is triggered by an intense pro-inflammatory host response. Statins, prescribed primarily for lipid reduction, are known to have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and have been associated with a reduced mortality rate among COVID-19 patients taking statins as reported in two recent retrospective studies.