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    Ep. 208: How diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research | Listen time: 30:33

    In this episode, Christy Dueck, vice president and general manager of research, Cerner, leads a conversation with John Potthoff, CEO, Elligo Health Research, and Scott Rogers, director of innovation, CoxHealth, around how diverse community-based hospitals are a lifeline to saving clinical research, and can help increase patient trust and reduce health disparities.

    HIMSS | Cerner

    Cerner is virtually exhibiting (3929-05) at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS is the largest health care IT conference in North America, attracting more than 45,000 health care professionals, clinicians, executives, and suppliers, like Cerner.

    The non-negotiable for health organizations: Cybersecurity protection

    Cyber-attack surfaces are increasing as many health systems expand care beyond the four walls of the hospital and are especially prevalent due to the focus on health organizations inside of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the current landscape of cloud computing, telehealth, virtual work, remote hosting and data sharing between caregivers is essential for helping to improve patient outcomes and keep populations safe, these innovations come with increased chances for bad actors to exploit vulnerabilities.

    MU Health Care receives second HIMSS Davies Award

    University of Missouri Health Care received the 2021 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award, the second award for the Columbia, Missouri-based Cerner ITWorksSM organization. The Davies Award recognized the hospital’s work using an algorithm to help improve sepsis mortality rates; reducing unnecessary blood transfusions with clinical decision support; and redesigning the user interface used to screen for depression, alcohol and drug misuse, fall risk, and the existence of advance directive information in ambulatory settings.

    Ep. 222: Supporting digital innovation in children’s healthcare | Listen time: 13:02

    In this episode, Jessica Herstek, MD, chief medical informatics officer, Children’s National Hospital, joins Lu de Souza, MD, vice president & chief medical officer, Cerner, for a conversation around funding disparities in children’s health innovation. Learn about the unique relationship between Children’s National Hospital and the Bear Institute, which enables the health system to pursue a multifaceted approach to innovation — including a new pediatric accelerator challenge that invites start-ups, student teams, pediatric providers and administrators to collaborate on creative solutions aimed to help close the innovation gap in children’s digital health.

    “We Must Eliminate the Noise,” Reflected Cerner's New President and CEO

    During the opening keynote at Cerner Health Conference, Cerner’s new President and CEO, David Feinberg, M.D., expressed the need to improve the usability of health records to help patients avoid unnecessary tests and medications, enable nurses and doctors to eliminate errors and predict what’s to come to improve the health of communities around the world.