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Oracle Health Seamless Exchange

An innovation in interoperability

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The challenge: Incomplete patient records, time-consuming data management

After a decade of progress making health data exchange possible, the information is finally flowing. However, providers are flooded with more information than they can possibly reconcile. Insightful data from outside records often goes unseen and unutilized. To unlock the value of health data exchange, we must provide clinicians simplified workflows that eliminate duplicate data for a cleansed, holistic view of a patient’s healthcare history.

In this Chilmark report, read what healthcare organizations and their clinicians need to properly manage health data, and how current developments aid in higher returns on an EHR investment and in patient satisfaction ratings.

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The solution: Better data. Simpler workflows.

Seamless Exchange retrieves and aggregates outside health data from multiple sources to create a more comprehensive record of a patient’s care history, regardless of where care was received. It compares outside data and patient records already recorded in the provider’s local system and nearly eliminates duplicate information. It presents the cleansed data within the clinician’s workflow, so they do not need to search through multiple sources to find critical information. Presented with a side-by-side view of outside and already-recorded medical information, they can select the relevant data to integrate. Now caregivers can focus on addressing the current health issue and patient questions instead of spending time gathering health data during a short in-person visit.


Expanded access

Seamless Exchange incorporates data from nationwide interoperability networks for a more holistic view of a patient’s medical history. Additionally, the product helps clinicians make use of new discrete data (e.g., lab results, vital signs, encounters) in near-real time for an up-to-date understanding of a patient’s health history.

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Trusted sources

The ability to identify other venues of care as “trusted sources” – an innovative feature of Seamless Exchange - enables the flexibility to designate discrete clinical concepts to auto-write into the local record, decreasing time spent reconciling data.

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Deduplication engine

Utilizing the Seamless Exchange deduplication engine, data is removed through deduplication and filtering, leaving the unique, highest quality information available to clinicians for care decisions.

The Oracle Cerner difference

We are taking interoperability beyond connectivity to true usability – creating a single, longitudinal record that’s more inclusive than ever – spanning all systems across any care venue. Building upon the foundation of our comprehensive array of network connections and nationwide exchange capabilities, we’re adding intelligence to simplify workflows and enhance data usability.

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