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Seamless Exchange: New tool to simplify data exchange

Seamless Exchange is designed to take raw data and help create a comprehensive patient record, reduce physician burden and fatigue, enhance outcomes through quality decision support, and return the focus to practicing medicine.

Value of Seamless Exchange

Robert Pierce, MD, MSPH, FAAFP, DABPM-CI, associate professor of family and community medicine and medical director of clinical decision support for University of Missouri Health Care, shares how his organization is contributing to the development of the seamless exchange of data and lessons learned along the way.

Reaching true interoperable healthcare records

For several reasons, the seamless exchange of data can be challenging.

  • Physicians and other clinicians are frequently required to do the manual work to incorporate patient data into the chart
  • Often, too much time is spent hunting and sifting through data
  • Incomplete or disparate data can impact both the patient and the provider experience

To help physicians spend more time with their patients and less time searching for data, Seamless Exchange™ is designed to help provide a comprehensive patient record. A comprehensive patient record and intuitive workflow is aimed at helping provide a streamlined experience for physicians and clinicians, enabling them to spend more time with their patients.

Watch Sam Lambson, vice president interoperability, share his vision for addressing the challenges of interoperability and provide an overview of Seamless Exchange.

From connectivity to real provider usability

July 2021, Chilmark research, the leading industry analyst on healthcare technology, researched the current state of healthcare record interoperability using their proven methodology of primary and secondary research and analysis.

In this comprehensive Chilmark report, read what HCO and their associated physicians and other healthcare providers need in the handling of healthcare data, and how current developments – including those in Cerner Seamless Exchange – aid in higher returns on an EHR investment and in patient satisfaction ratings.

What Seamless Exchange adds

Seamless Exchange is designed to help limit the burden of data collection and sorting by moving usable information to the forefront of the workflow.

Cohesive healthcare experience

We’re creating a longitudinal record and focused on helping improve data usability at the point of care.


Intelligence is focused on helping simplify workflows and enhance data usability, and in doing so, redefine the physician experience. Building on the foundation of our comprehensive array of network connections and nationwide exchange capabilities, we’ve added functionality to help advance usability, including:

  • Deduplication of data to offer a consumable, intuitive experience
  • Identification of trusted data sources accessible at the organization level to make relevant data readily available
  • Near real-time availability of new discrete data (e.g., lab results, immunizations, procedures) helps create a more comprehensive record
  • A more comprehensive record that includes external and internal patient data, regardless of source, supports more informed healthcare