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Electronic Medical Record

  • Cerner’s powerful, intelligent Electronic Medical Record (EMR) delivers the most comprehensive set of capabilities in the industry.

    Built upon scalable, unified, person-centric Cerner Millennium® architecture, Cerner PowerChart® creates an enterprise-wide, multi-facility, longitudinal EMR that spans role and venue. Cerner Millennium is also designed with built-in expert medical knowledge which helps your organisation increase efficiencies and eliminates manual actions.

    By integrating existing laboratory, radiology and pharmacy data into a single enterprise clinical data repository, caregivers can reduce the risk of medical error and improve overall care quality. Having an EMR to manage the medical records of patients in both the acute care and ambulatory settings provides a mechanism to view, manage and store information, not just data.

    Key Benefits

    • Improves the quality and efficiency of care delivery
    • Combines financial, operational and clinical information for comprehensive analysis
    • Connects facilities hundreds of miles apart in a variety of settings, including acute, sub-acute, ambulatory and rehabilitation environments
    • Accesses current and complete patient information in a way that best suits your custom needs