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Adoption Consulting


CHC 2021 - San Juan Regional Medical Center: Sustainment Journey


Advance usability and productivity through data, knowledge and personalized, at-the-elbow consulting

With Cerner Adoption Consulting, caregivers are given one-on-one attention in order to improve usability with Cerner solutions. We strategically align with your caregivers in an effort to better the overall caregiver experience, improve caregiver satisfaction, increase efficiency and enable higher quality care. Contact us today to learn more about how Cerner Adoption Consulting can work with your organization.

More than adoption support for solution updates and changes

Caregiver satisfaction affects the overall health of an organization and the communities it serves. Low adoption rates and lengthy workflows can lead to reduced satisfaction rates, lost productivity and potential lost revenue – all which could have a negative impact on patient care.

This is why Oracle Cerner offers adoption consulting services to support caregivers across the two categories below:

End-User Optimization Sustainment Consulting
Proactive data driven consulting Develop a continuous education and support program
Increase efficiency and satisfaction with Cerner solutions Operationalize the program and educate your team on the tools, skills, and process
Personalized 1:1 attention End-user support


End-user optimization

We understand that EHR adoption does not end at go-live

The road to adoption and optimization is a journey of continuous advancement and education. No matter where your client is in their EMR journey, all organizations can benefit from proactive and personalized support. Just as system modifications and upgrades continue after solutions are turned on, ongoing clinician support should continue alongside system maintenance as well as organizational change.

Scale based on need

End-user optimization helps organizations identify areas of opportunity among clinicians, and by offering one-on-one consulting tailored to the unique needs of each clinician.

To help increase adoption and productivity, adoption consultants:
  • Use Cerner Advance and Lights On Network data to proactively target specific clinicians with the greatest opportunity in adoption, efficiency and other organizational goals.
  • Provide personalized adoption support based on the unique needs of each clinician.
  • Offer End of Engagement Reports to provide transparency through an analysis of metric improvement after consulting is complete.

Develop a lasting caregiver education and support program

Your organization must have a team dedicated to providing caregiver education. This team must expand beyond educating new end users and focus on continuous education and adoption activities. Ongoing adoption activities are key in keeping your caregivers satisfied and efficient, and our sustainment services help you put a program in place.

If you have a team of informaticists or educators you can provide: Cerner assigns a dedicated Adoption Manager to educate and train your teams, and works hand-in-hand with you to develop a continuous support program.

If you do not have informaticists or educators: Cerner offers an Adoption Manager and Adoption Consultants to support end users while developing the program. With Sustainment Consulting, clinicians are given one-on-one attention in order to increase adoption and efficiency with Cerner solutions. We align with clinicians in order to better the overall clinician experience, and help build end-user support teams that enable success through:

  • End-user optimization
  • Adoption support after onboarding and ongoing support
  • Assist with clinician requests, and support upgrades
  • Conduct workflow analysis

Cerner Sustainment Consulting teams help to educate staff and develop programs that give you the tools needed to maintain a continuous support model. We are invested in helping your organization become a culture of learning. We do this by focusing on the users of technology and the team members who support them.


I've heard of adoption coaching, but never adoption consulting. What is adoption consulting?

Adoption consulting provides consulting on the end-user's experience and mastery of Cerner products for clients already live. We hone in on clients' programs surrounding ongoing end-user support and data-driven strategies. Our team is educated with techniques to emphasize the importance of behavior change and advocate for efficient adoption of the EHR.

Our adoption managers and consultants have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. While the majority of our team does not have a formal clinical background, our associates do have experience with healthcare, the clinician workflow and have credentialed clinicians. They spend countless hours in the field with clinicians, so they have an in-depth understanding of how clinicians operate. Our results show clinicians are satisfied with our associates and report increased satisfaction after working with our team.

While we support the full care team, the bulk of our work does focus on providers and nurses. However, as our analytics platforms expand data footprints for other user types, we continue to develop support models for them, too. In 2021, our team had 7,886 provider interventions, 10,598 nursing interventions, and 2,060 ancillary or other role interventions.

We lead with data - every engagement starts with data analysis. We are top consumers of Cerner Advance and Lights On Network with custom analytics and data querying capabilities. We work to embed ourselves into the client's structure to create custom adoption strategies that meet their needs. We have a robust survey methodology in which we survey every clinician we interact with and share survey results with clients on a regular basis throughout the project. We provide our clients with reporting that highlights ROI, key findings and recommendations. Along the way, we work with Cerner's embedded team(s) to deliver unified project approaches and work to solve outer loop issues.

We do not. However, when requested or planned, we do consult and provide recommendations on EHR build that align to Cerner Model recommendations and work with aligned teams to propose solutions to getting there. We work closely with aligned Cerner teams to address and overcome EHR pain points or challenges and adoption or efficiency barriers.

All of our engagements have a custom data-driven approach - we complete data analysis' pulled from Cerner Advance and Lights On Network data. We introduce the client to key project metrics early on and work to educate the client on Cerner analytics throughout the engagement. We understand that some organizations may be more sensitive or hesitant about analytics and we ensure our adoption managers work with key Cerner stakeholders to develop the right approach. From there, we recommend our client partners allow their clinicians to see their EHR utilization data. When sharing data with clinicians in the past, we've found sharing the data can help drive continuous improvement and behavior change.

We work with clinicians in all venues, both in-person and virtually. In either method, we come prepared with data insights to provide the clinician with custom recommendations to provide them with the exact support they'll benefit from. The data only shows half the story so we have methods in place to ensure we tie data insights with the 'whys' of the clinician's exact workflow processes. In person, we like to work with clinicians while they are actively seeing patients so we can see their EHR usage live. Virtually, we like to meet and have the clinician run through their typical workflow. We are not asking clinicians for their undivided attention. We are shadowing them and giving tips and tricks in between patient visits and care. At the end of the interaction, our consultants will distribute surveys that capture clinician feedback.

We have collaborated with the Client Insight team to develop custom client-facing surveys per project type to help us capture system satisfaction scores, satisfaction with our team’s services, KLAS training-related questions and more. We survey clinicians after an adoption consulting interaction. We provide survey results to clients so they can understand their clinicians' feedback and satisfaction. Oftentimes, the survey results yield actionable feedback that can better position the client with EHR education outcomes.

This varies by project type and venue. Typically, on projects without EHR changes that are focused on increasing system satisfaction and efficiency, we see success when acute providers receive four hours of support (over two appointments) and acute nurses receive two hours of support (over two appointments). Our appointment duration flexes based on end-user role and venue.

Projects with EHR changes may warrant quick interactions to acclimate the clinician to the changes or may yield lengthy sessions to also focus on reinforcing tips, tricks, and system efficiencies. As users become more acclimated to the changes, we recommend more in-depth interactions to focus on personalization, tips, tricks, and more. Reach out if you have questions on specific projects' dynamics. Regardless of what's happening to the EHR, we recommend clinicians engage in multiple interactions to help reinforce and promote behavior change.

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