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Ambulatory Overview


The challenge: providing comprehensive ambulatory care

With changes in care and payment models, healthcare providers are working to identify ways to grow while consistently delivering high-quality care. This evolution in outpatient care has also led to a higher volume of care being provided in the clinic with outpatient revenue now totaling 95% of inpatient revenue.1

Given the shift to provide more services in an outpatient setting, it’s no surprise 44% of executives indicate ambulatory care is an area of focus for growth at their organization in the next three years.2 However, only 50% of executives indicated they have an ambulatory-specific strategy in place.2 So, why aren’t more leaders placing an enhanced focus on an ambulatory strategy?

Beyond general financial constraints, Cerner recommends considering several factors when creating an ambulatory strategy:

  • Providing consumers with lower cost and convenient care options
  • Capturing and engaging existing patients while identifying and attracting new patients
  • Identifying ways to facilitate referrals across the network, share information with in- and out-of-network care providers and manage care across the continuum
  • Implementing and managing strategies to meet rapidly growing consumer demands around virtual health
  • Optimizing for key service lines across the network to support care coordination and maximize revenue generation
  • Leveraging an outpatient EHR that contributes to improved clinician efficiency and satisfaction
  • Managing practice operations while accounting for emerging payment models

We know organizations are challenged to increase clinical and operational efficiencies, provide high-quality care, improve satisfaction and, ultimately, grow revenue and market share. The ability to provide consumers, clinicians and clinics with integration across venues is vital for organizations to achieve their goals. 

1Advisory Board, 2019
2Huron Consulting Group Ambulatory Growth Report

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The solution: Cerner Ambulatory

With a focus on enhanced productivity across ambulatory practices, Cerner Ambulatory is designed to help support advancing clinical and operational efficiencies throughout the continuum of care. We have designed our products with an ambulatory-first focus where operations and workflows are streamlined through integration across venues.

Cerner Ambulatory is designed to help empower:


A digital front door to enhance engagement and empower consumers/individuals to drive their own health outcomes


Enhanced communications and data flow to enable the clinical care team to provide high-quality care and facilitate increased clinician satisfaction and wellness, regardless of where care is provided


Integration across systems and venues – even virtual health – to help drive efficiencies within clinic workflows, leveraging data in- and out-of-network – no matter the source system

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The Cerner difference

Cerner Ambulatory solutions offer simplified workflows across venues through integrated products and embedded collaborative content. Through intelligent solutions designed to help improve quality of care, clinician efficiency and operational improvements, Cerner is working to deliver:

  • Interoperability between systems and providers, regardless of EHR, with data infused directly into the workflow
  • A singular plan designed to help enhance care team collaboration while using unified tools, workflows and access
  • Integration between care venues, including acute and virtual
  • Enhanced clinically driven revenue cycle functionality and ambulatory practice management workflows
When combining the Cerner Ambulatory EHR new and enhanced solutions and features with our integrated and comprehensive support approach, Cerner aims to help deliver value across five key areas:

Patient focus

Keep the patient, their safety and quality of care at the center of all solutions

Clinician efficiency

Focus on improving clinician satisfaction while reducing the cognitive burden

Health network enablement

Facilitate coordination and communication across the care team, including the person

Service line advancement

Enhance specific capabilities to support focused specialties

Operational efficiency

Seek to optimize revenue and reduce total cost of care

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