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Cerner Ambulatory


Optimizing physician workflow with data analytics


Cerner’s ambulatory EHR and practice management software supports physician practices of all sizes and more than 40 specialties.

Our integrated clinical and financial solutions and services are designed to save time and money, enhance patient experience, improve quality of life and enable regulatory compliance. Contact us to learn more!

Cerner's Ambulatory offerings are designed by physicians, for physicians.

Cerner employs over a hundred physicians, who work alongside our clients to design intuitive solutions that follow their cognitive process – applications that collaborate across platforms (mobile and desktop) and enhance user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction while providing a safe, high standard of care.

Cerner Ambulatory solutions and services are conveniently bundled for affiliated and independent practices in the community, allowing providers to move seamlessly between venues of care and share data across the continuum of care.


Ambulatory EHR

Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory™ is Cerner’s ambulatory EHR that automates the workflow and clinical functions of physicians and care teams across both primary and specialty care venues, ensuring the right clinicians have the right information at the right time and place to make the best possible decisions.

PowerChart Ambulatory is interoperable across the health care spectrum. It integrates with various health care entities using industry standards and communication protocols, including local, regional and national health care information exchange. Integration with patient portal and patient-centric health records are also available.

Key benefits

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use functionality
  • Documentation as a byproduct of care
  • Specialty workflows that follow cognitive process
  • Familiar interface and common tasks from acute to ambulatory venues

Cerner Dynamic Documentation™ is a supporting offering that automates the creation of a clinical note relating to care delivery, aggregating chart information from clinical documentation to meet the needs of physicians in varied care settings.

Key benefits

  • Uses narrative, auto text and voice recognition support
  • Seamless integration with MPages®
  • Relevant chart data is automatically included (problems, medication, vitals, diagnoses and orders)

Cerner Millennium™ solutions are voice-optimized with Dragon® Medical One. Dragon with voice recognition enables near real-time physician documentation through speech recognition.

Key benefits

  • Makes notes capture three times faster than typing
  • Offers in speech-to-text and command and control versions

Cerner’s HealtheLife℠ Ambulatory empowers patients to be proactive in their health and care management with a portal that integrates with the EHR and their lifelong record.

Key benefits

  • Communicate with providers through secure messaging, request refills, update information and send files
  • Book or change appointments, view clinical information like allergies, lab results, immunizations and current medications
  • Enhance patient education on more than 3,000 topics with accredited, evidence-based data supplemented by best practice guidelines and standards of care from leading medical associations found within the EHR for physicians to provide to patients

Cerner hosts your clinical and financial information at a state-of-the-art data facility. Cerner ASP minimizes up-front and ongoing hardware costs and hassles. Cerner provides a variety of training approaches designed to support your organization's unique needs.

Cerner’s Practice Management solution makes it easy for care teams to focus on patient care by providing a complete suite for physician practices, including registration, scheduling, patient accounting and reporting. Integration between the EHR and the practice management solution provides one seamless workflow that pulls data from a single patient record.

Key benefits

  • Easy navigation to all capabilities in the solution
  • One screen view for scheduling and collection on all patient records
  • Improved collections and staff efficiency

Cerner PowerChart Touch Ambulatory™ is a secure mobile solution which compliments a physician’s day with a seamless flow enabling information to flow between desktop and the smartphone/tablet.

Key benefits

  • Review patient charts and address routine request such as simple orders and refills easily from your hand-held device
  • Review diagnostics and clinical results
  • Ability to start and sign documentation using voice dictation

Cerner’s physician solutions include robust content tailored for more than 40 specialties created to drive efficiency and productivity. With content specific to each specialty, Cerner aims to optimize the physician workflow by reducing clicks and time spend in the EHR, while providing the right information at the right time, face up.

All Cerner clients can immediately access specialty content. By harvesting input from health systems and other contributors, Cerner expands and refines the specialty workflows on an ongoing basis.

Key benefits

  • Increase patient and staff satisfaction, while enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Improved quality and adherence to industry standards
  • Increase revenue management success in the hospital and clinic

Related Offerings

Adoption Coaching

With Cerner Coaching, providers are given one-on-one attention in order to improve usability with Cerner solutions. We strategically align with your physicians in order to better the overall provider experience, improving physician satisfaction, increasing efficiency and enabling higher quality care.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Cerner Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) EHR solution combines our surgical, revenue cycle management and interoperability solutions with patient portal to streamline your ASC.

Lights On Network®

Lights On Network® provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.


Cerner employs over 100 physicians, and we work alongside our clients to design intuitive solutions – applications that collaborate across platforms (mobile and desktop) and enhance user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.

Practice Management

Integration between Cerner’s EHR and Cerner Practice Management allow your organization to easily navigate across all capabilities in the solutions, schedule appointments and collect payments on all patient accounts through a single platform.

Application Services

Application Services is the heart of support for Cerner Corporation. Our organization offers 24x7x365 support that never stops, for health care organizations that never stop.

Patient Engagement: HealtheLife

Whether someone is healthy or sick, engaged or unengaged, individuals need tools and guidance to help manage and maintain their health and well-being. As health care data becomes more transparent and the concept of “shopping” for health care services continues to grow, those organizations that offer a positive consumer experience will be well-positioned for the future.