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Assisted Living

Assisted Living Solutions

Electronic documentation to help assisted living providers improve care for their residents.

CareTracker helps eliminate the undesirable effects of paper documentation and helps identify when residents’ acuity levels change.

In assisted living organizations, communication between front-line caregivers and the organization staff is critical for increasing accuracy and reliability of information about resident care.

CareTracker enables this communication by allowing front-line caregivers to assess and document resident information at the point-of-care with iPads and wall-mounted kiosks. The information collected by staff members is then analyzed by CareTracker’s Clinical Intelligence tool to quickly identify potential issues before they become a problem.

As the system analyzes assessments, it will alert supervisors to changes in resident conditions — like when someone may be at risk for a fall, hospital admission or if the plan of care needs adjusted. Alerts also indicate residents who are consistently declining in ADL performance, having behavior, mood, or skin issues and more.

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