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Automated Dispensing Cabinet_pill tablets

Automated Dispensing Cabinet

RxStation Automated Dispensing Cabinet provides a single formulary across your health system to help nurses and pharmacists more safely and efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration.

RxStation Anesthesia Cart, which is integrated with the SurgiNet Anesthesia platform, offers the ability to view administrations directly on the cart and print patient-specific color-coded labels.  

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RxStation can enhance the safety and efficiency of the entire closed-loop medication process.  


RxStation allows pharmacists to maintain one drug formulary and a single barcode across the medication process. Advanced reporting capabilities may improve reconciliation and reduce drug diversion.

Complete integration with the EHR allows for real-time allergy and decision support, as well as real-time rescheduled eMAR tasks.

  • RxStation provides ability to maintain one formulary across the organization and can improve access to medication order information at the point of dispense.
  • You can use RxStation as a tool that is designed to help your clinicians reduce medication errors and control inventory costs through secure access to medications.
  • RxStation offers you a modular design, allowing you to configure the system to meet specific clinical and operation needs.
  • RxStation is integrated with Cerner, eliminating interfaces between medication dispensing cabinets and EHR.

  • Accurate dosing and real-time clinical checks may help reduce medication errors and improve clinical outcomes.
  • RxStation provides patients with contextual alerts based on clinical data.

The more we can gain health care data connectivity, the safer, more efficient that data becomes for all health care professionals and their patients. At Cerner, we have extended this connectivity where most companies cannot- to our medication dispensing cabinets. RxStation offers true enterprise-wide integration, designed for you to use the EHR while you utilize our cabinets with Millennium, realizing a current eMAR and one drug formulary, and eliminating the need to maintain a cabinet interface.

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