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Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Cerner’s automated medication dispensing devices and solutions allow nurses and pharmacists to more safely and efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration.

A unified medication management system removes time-consuming tasks from the medication process across multiple venues. RxStation®, our automated medication dispensing device, enhances the safety and efficiency of the entire closed-loop medication process.

By integrating RxStation cabinets with our hospital and pharmacy solutions, you can manage the entire medication process, ensuring a safe Single Source of Truth™ is created in the electronic medical record.

Key Benefits of Cerner Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets:

  • Improves access to medication order information at the point of dispense
  • Reduces medication errors and controls inventory costs through secure access to medications
  • Supports unique workflow through modular design, allowing you to configure the system to meet your specific clinical and operational needs


Contact us to schedule a demo and request sales information about this solution.