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Capacity Management

Capacity Management

The CareAware Capacity Management® suite of solutions is designed to help improve patient throughput and quality of care by managing patient capacity, flow, and diversion rates.

Finding a balance between capacity and demand is challenging in any health care environment. CareAware Capacity Management solutions provide transparency and alignment of assets (staff, patients and equipment) at the right time and right place to improve patient throughput, efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

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CareAware CareView™ helps improve communication and eliminate documentation redundancies. The solution is designed to be used by the entire interdisciplinary team throughout the day and during rounds to address barriers to discharge and emphasize a patient-centered focus of care.

CareAware Tracking™ incorporates near real-time location data, allowing hospitals to track patients, staff and equipment across the enterprise with clinically relevant information. As a result, organizations can identify bottlenecks and redesign processes to optimize and streamline patient, staff and equipment workflows.

The ability to transfer patients from one bed to another seems like a simple task; however, communication barriers between units, transport teams and environmental services (EVS) can make this a complex undertaking. Ultimately, these breaks in process can extend patient wait times and slow bed turnover. CareAware Patient Flow™ helps improve patient throughput by optimizing bed management and automating job assignments for environmental services and patient transportation.

To help alleviate the difficult nature of transferring patients, Cerner created CareAware Transfer Center. Designed to capture clinical information between venues, improve efficiency and reduce delays for patients, the CareAware Transfer Center helps streamline coordination between clinicians to efficiently, directly admit patients into a facility.

The CareAware Capacity Management suite solutions helps solve patient flow bottlenecks and communication breakdowns by automating bed management through the unification of people, processes, and technologies.

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Cerner Command Center culminates people, processes, and technology into a single centralized physical space to execute collaborative decision-making and workflows facilitating the improvement of patient throughput.

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Better patient outcomes occur when you have the right care giver, in the right place, at the right time. Cerner delivers automated and intelligent workforce management solutions for health care organizations to provide the best care at the lowest cost.


How can Cerner help organizations patient placement process to improve productivity and patient throughput?

Cerner automates bed management processes, the biggest driver of patient throughput in an organization, an enormous cost/opportunity, and one of the largest pain points for patients and organizations. Bed management is dynamic and plays a huge role in management and visibility of demand so Cerner integrates CareAware Patient Flow™ into ED’s FirstNet™ revealing inpatient bed assignments in FirstNet.

Location awareness for patients, providers, and equipment through real time location services (RTLS) tagging helps to quickly identify location of items and improve management of assets through sensory technology.

Transitions of care within acute care and post-acute venues is augmented with analytics, technology, care team alignment, and broad visibility to data. Many Cerner solutions contribute to improved transitions of care processes, including care team tools such as digital unit dashboards, bed management system, APACHE Outcomes, newly optimized clinical workflows for discharge, and most appropriate post-acute placement.