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Cerner cardiovascular solutions unify diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions and follow-up regimens – all within the electronic health record (EHR).

Our cardiovascular solutions are designed to automate and streamline functions across the continuum of care.

Cerner cardiovascular solutions are embedded within the EHR, allowing for a holistic patient record that includes: diagnostic activities, therapeutic interventions and follow-up regimens. Electrocardiogram (ECG) objects are digitized and accessed within the EHR providing physicians in your cardiology department the ability to receive and present ECG data in mere seconds after it is acquired. This eliminates the necessity for a separate ECG information system.

Key Benefits of Cerner Cardiovascular Solutions

  • Eliminates silos of information and the resulting inefficiencies with a unified EHR and cardiovascular system
  • Creates efficient diagnostic workflows, image management and analysis
  • Enhances clinical, financial and performance outcomes with comprehensive procedural documentation
  • Promotes cardiac disease management through health maintenance protocols

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