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Mobility Connect

CareAware Connect

Bring together communications, alarm management and nursing workflow tools on a single device.

CareAware Connect is a clinical mobility solution designed for a smart phone device to help improve efficiency by completing multiple workflows and coordinating communications using one device.  

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Care Team Communication

CareAware Connect™ is a communications platform that unifies clinical communications for all roles and venues. The solution brings together all of the care team members and ancillary staff in a single location—on the smartphone—to increase collaboration and provide an efficient means of communication that enhances care coordination, ease clinical practice, and improves the overall quality of care. 

With the use of a mobile device, CareAware Connect gives clinicians the ability to access and review their patient’s clinical data at their fingertips from any location where care is provided. By selecting a patient on the mobile device’s patient list, nurses have access to current vitals, measurements and allergies, as well as the ability to view orders and new results.

Our mobile solutions help nurses avoid potential errors at the bedside by enhancing clinical workflows, such as barcode medication administration with CareAware Connect and patient to device association.

Bring the care team members and ancillary staff together in a single location – on the smartphone – to increase collaboration and provide an efficient means of communication.


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