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CareAware Connect

Mobility Connect

Bring together communications, alarm management and nursing workflow tools on a single device.

CareAware Connect is a clinical mobility solution designed for a smart phone device to help improve efficiency by completing multiple workflows and coordinating communications using one device

Bring the care team members together in a single location – on the smartphone

Communication across the continuum.
One directory. One care team.

Communication across the continuum – leveraging Cerner’s single directory approach, clinicians are able to search easily in one place and communicate with care team members inside and outside the 4 walls of the hospital.

Integration of patient record

Integration of patient record – leveraging Connect Nursing, care team members providing round the clock bedside care are able to view real time updates to a patient’s orders or results, as well as have immediate updates on critical results or vitals signs, often cutting down on the time it takes to gather that data.

Patient context with alerts

Patient context with alerts – because our mobility and communication workflow integrates seamlessly with the patient’s record, nurse call systems, and physiologic monitors., real time alerts can be sent to the provider caring for the patient, saving precious time in a critical situation.

Barcode meds administration

Barcode meds administration – leveraging the patient record and built in bar code scanner on the device, Connect provides the clinical team with an alternate way to give medications and increasing their mobility throughout the hospital

Role-based communications
Right user. Right time.

Role based communications – Connect allows care team members to be assigned to patients or to a specific care team, allowing for real time alerts and notification to be routed to the right user at the right time



Download the Truman Medical Center Case Study


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