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CareAware Connect

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Connecting care team communications for collaboration and clinical efficiency.

According to the Journal of Healthcare Management/American College of Healthcare Executives, a 500-bed hospital loses over $4 million annually due to clinical communication inefficiencies. A unified clinical communication strategy can help health systems begin to close the gap and improve efficiency at every level.

Enable your clinical care team with real-time health communication tools and workflows that help them to collaborate more effectively on the go and provide a quality patient care experience. A unified strategy and improved communication tools can help address many challenges including identification of patient care team members, mobile clinical workflows, secure and timely critical alerts, and more.

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The solution: CareAware Connect

A connected care team starts with an integrated communication strategy. CareAware ConnectTM is a healthcare communication tool that leverages the use of intuitive technology to help associate the right care team members with the right patients and provides a way to effectively communicate and collaborate while on the go through a smart, mobile device. Integration with Cerner Millennium® enables care teams to streamline bedside workflows including medication administration, device association, and specimen collection.


Supports Clinician Workflows

CareAware Connect Messenger supports clinician workflows with near real-time alerts from the electronic health record (EHR), secure messaging and an intelligent directory. This secure messaging app can be used on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, making adoption simple.


A Versatile Communication Tool

CareAware Event ManagementTM delivers bedside alarm escalation and EHR-based event notifications directly to the right caregiver’s device to cut down on unnecessary notifications and noise that contributes to alarm fatigue, making CareAware Connect a versatile tool for communications, coordination, and clinical mobility.


Critical alert notifications

Use CareAware Event ManagementTM to create custom alerts and ringtones to quickly alert care team responders.



The patient care team directory intelligently identifies the right care team members associated with a patient across the continuum of care.


Secure messaging

Communicate sensitive personal health information (PHI) between care team members in compliance with HIPAA.


Image capture

Take images that upload directly into the patient's chart, or use video collaboration to communicate between care team members and patient families.


Clinical and chart integration

CareAware Connect integrates with many clinical workflows, and seamlessly flows into the Millennium EHR.


Mobile clinical workflows

Provides a single toolbelt solution to consolidate barcode medication administration, specimen collection, smart pump programming, and more.

Why CareAware Connect?

  • Helps solve communication gaps within the care team. Care team collaboration, nursing workflows, event management and staff assignment help reduce infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Helps facilitate operational efficiencies to save valuable time and resources.
  • Helps deliver critical patient alerts to the responsible care team members, which impacts delivery of important life-saving treatments.
  • An intelligent solution that helps to deliver reliable communication and efficient workflows by surfacing key patient data, identifying care team members, and providing an integrated workflow experience.

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