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Musculoskeletal health services

Proactively address musculoskeletal health issues

Musculoskeletal health issues are one of the top cost drivers for employers. Left unaddressed, issues can lead to high-cost claims, like specialty physician visits, diagnostic imaging tests and even surgery. Taking a proactive approach can help avoid more serious symptoms and related costs.

Cerner Motion Health℠ is designed to help identify the source of musculoskeletal issues early, so they can be proactively addressed to prevent more serious symptoms and costs.

Program Overview

The Cerner Motion Health program is designed to help proactively address the costs of musculoskeletal disorders, replacing traditional assessments that have limited focus. Utilizing FDA-approved, markerless capture technology, our program provides insights into the musculoskeletal health of an individual. An integrated member portal delivers individual’s with recommendations to address high-risk areas detected by the motion capture. Cerner Motion Health also includes access to a certified athletic trainer or physical therapist to provide consults for both symptomatic and asymptomatic employees.

The FDA-approved, 3D, markerless motion capture technology system provides insight into a range of results, including movement asymmetries, range of motion limitations and motor compensations. The system is portable, can be set up in a range of locations and only takes 10 minutes to complete, making it convenient for members to take advantage. 

An on-site, musculoskeletal health professional provides the motion capture screenings and assessments, conducts mobility classes and prescribes exercise programs to help members proactively address musculoskeletal needs. Each exercise and treatment is delivered to help address an individual’s unique needs. Individuals have access to a member portal to view their capture results and recommended treatment plans.

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