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Cerner Patient Observer

Cerner Patient Observer ™

A virtual health care solution.

Cerner Patient Observer is a virtual observation solution that helps allow a trained observation technician to monitor multiple patient rooms from a central monitoring station and proactively alert the care team of potential falls and other adverse events that occur in hospitals.

Cerner Patient Observer™ provides another layer of care and helps enable your facility to monitor multiple patients from a central monitoring station. At risk patients can be monitored 24/7 for patient falls, room elopement, visitors and invasive line and tube placement.

Better visibility with intelligent alerts

Patient Observer ™ leverages advanced technology to care for the patient at every angle. Unlike traditional 2D video cameras, Cerner Patient Observer has the unique ability to see in 3D and track patient movement. Motion zones are defined to meet the unique needs of each patient which helps to reduce the risk of alert fatigue for the monitoring technician.

Two way communication makes it easy for the monitoring technician to redirect the patient, and potentially prevent an adverse event from occuring.  When an alert is issued, the monitoring technician can engage the patient in a two-way conversation with a single click, and contact the care team if needed. 

Sitter requests can be difficult for organizations to anticipate.  Care team members are frequently re-assigned to meet demand, in turn pulling much-needed staff from providing direct patient care.  Patient Observer equips organizations for 1:1 sitter requests by providing one monitoring technician the ability to remotely monitor and communicate with multiple patients and notify care team members of emergent situations as they arise. 

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