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Cerner Clairvia

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Transform patient outcomes with the right care giver, in the right place, at the right time.

A hospital’s workforce is its biggest expense, so it is critical to appropriately plan for staffing needs and have those needs align to individual patient care. Oracle Cerner is committed to delivering automated and intelligent solutions for healthcare organizations to provide the best care at the lowest cost.

Turn clinically driven data into informed workforce management decisions with Cerner Clairvia®. Clairvia offers a seamless automated intelligence layer that analyzes staffing yesterday, identifies patient demand today and anticipates needs for tomorrow.

The solution for your workforce management challenges

Cerner Clairvia is a suite of workforce solutions that leverages intelligence of the EHR to analyze data from multiple sources, to objectively forecast demand for staff based on individual patient condition and assign the most appropriate caregiver.

Scheduling for all graphic

Scheduling for all

Clairvia provides total command of care team scheduling, staffing, and allocation hour-by-hour, every day. While allowing users to interact with their schedule how and when they want.

Patient-Centered graphic

Patient centered

Not all patients require equal care. Clairvia leverages outcomes, interventions, and observations to create a personalized workload based on each patient's unique clinical condition.

Supply & demand graphic

Supply & demand

Clairvia continually measures, tracks, and predicts patient-specific care demands, enabling you to manage the demand variability and allocate the right staffing workload to attain optimal clinical outcomes for every patient.

Smart assignments graphic

Smart assignments

Clairvia enables equitable patient assignments by matching the most qualified, available caregiver to each patient, taking into account staff competencies, continuity of care, the patient’s individual care needs, and projected transitions of care.

Workforce Optimization

Patient-center icon_X-ray circle

Patient centered

Helps enable equitable patient assignments by matching the most qualified, available caregiver to each patient.

Control-length-of-stay-icon_Clock time hour schedule circle

Control length of stay

Reports designed to aid organizations in managing workforce needs and planning.

Predictive-staffing icon_Half group people circle

Predictive staffing

Continuously compares the incoming projected admission, discharge, transfer, and workload demand with existing schedules.

Control labor cost icon_Circle arrow down circle

Control labor cost

Managers are able to easily identify any pockets of over or under staffing and proactively adjust staffing needs.

Efficient-patient-throughput-icon_Dual spin arrows circle

Efficient patient throughput

Leverages outcomes, interventions, and observations to create a custom workload calculation based on each patient's clinical solution.

Workload-driven-acuity icon_Computer monitor screen EHR circle

Workload-driven acuity

Aligns patient progress against transition of care benchmarks, allowing caregivers to compare each patient's expected clinical progress to their actual progress.

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