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Command Center solution overview video

Command Center Overview


Command Center

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Challenges managing health system operations

Healthcare organizations face accelerating cost and revenue pressures, as well as the need to improve clinical outcomes. Establishing greater operational and clinical efficiency can help alleviate these pressures. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations are basing care decisions on old data.

They could achieve greater efficiency and outcomes by basing decisions on near real-time and predictive analytics to gain situational awareness of what is happening in the enterprise right now, instead of yesterday. Cerner Command Center provides near real-time enterprise transparency to help health systems perform at their peak efficiency, streamline operations and improve care delivery.

Effectively centralizing operations requires a more holistic approach than technology alone can provide. It also requires having the right people and processes in place. Cerner Advisory Services are designed to help healthcare organizations maximize the value of their Command Center implementation through improved outcomes and reduced costs.

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Solution: Cerner Command Center

The need for health systems to have situational awareness has never been greater. The Cerner Command Center Dashboard leverages near real-time data and predictive analytics to provide health systems a clear line of sight into critical resources such as staffed bed capacity, care demand and equipment – information leaders use to anticipate and respond to patient needs.

The Cerner Command Center dashboard provides actionable data insights that help enable effective management of resources and processes to improve health system operations.

Operational benefits:

Command Center - Visibility Icon


Visibility to enterprise patient throughput challenges.

Command Center - Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence

Predictive intelligence to anticipate and coordinate resource needs.

Command Center - Real-time Data Icon

Near real-time data

Near real-time enterprise data to help optimize care coordination and improve care quality.

Command Center - Optimization Icon

Operational optimization

Length of stay optimization, capacity creation and load-balancing across the enterprise.

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Value of Cerner Command Center

Why Cerner Command Center?

  • Helps reduce costs associated with various key challenges in patient throughput.
  • Leverages aggregated visibility of data for enterprisewide staffing and throughput decision-making.
  • Helps improve care coordination through communication and visibility to patient transition of care needs.

The Cerner Command Center can leverage the power of:

  • Cerner best practices for staffing and patient throughput processes.
  • Cerner model system for integrated and automated workforce management and capacity management solutions.
  • AWS cloud, predictive intelligence and machine learning.
  • Integration across Cerner platforms to help reduce operational costs.
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Managing health system operations doesn't have to feel like working in the dark. Learn how Cerner Command Center can shed new light into your operations.

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