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Performance Improvement

Command Center

Centralize hospital operations for effective and efficient patient throughput.

Cerner’s recommendation for managing hospital operations is the centralized Cerner Command Center. The Cerner Command Center culminates people, processes, and technology into a single centralized physical space to execute collaborative decision-making and workflows facilitating the improvement of patient throughput. This approach focuses on what is best for patients — aligning the right patient with the right caregiver, in the right place, at the right time.

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The Cerner Command Center centralizes operational solutions that provide situational awareness and trigger the team to take immediate action when needed. Such solutions are Cerner’s Capacity Management Solution Suite, the Cerner Clairvia Solution suite, and Location Awareness technology.

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Capacity Management

Cerner’s Capacity Management solutions provide transparency and alignment of assets (staff, patients and equipment) at the right time and right place to improve patient throughput, efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

Workforce Management

Better patient outcomes occur when you have the right care giver, in the right place, at the right time. Cerner delivers automated and intelligent workforce management solutions for health care organizations to provide the best care at the lowest cost.