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Community, Critical Access & Specialty Hospital

Community and Critical Access Hospital

Utilizing our expertise in IT, process improvement and transformational leadership, CommunityWorks collaborates with rural health systems to identify opportunities to increase value for you and your patients.

CommunityWorks is focused on involving patients in their own health. By leveraging Cerner’s technologies, your hospital can shift from reactive care to proactive health management and your patients are able to take control of their health.

Together with Cerner CommunityWorks, community, rural and specialty health care providers are leading the industry in performance excellence. We are dedicated to increasing value for your organization and excellence in care for patients.


What is Cerner CommunityWorks?

Cerner CommunityWorks is a cloud-based delivery model of Cerner’s Millennium IT platform that integrates a patient’s clinical and financial data into one digital record. We understand the unique challenges rural health care providers face, from shrinking resources to patient migration, and we help you effectively manage those needs by providing our awarding-winning solutions at a reduced cost through a shared domain delivery model.

With Cerner CommunityWorks, you get the integrated EHR platform, solutions and services your organization needs to thrive that includes implementation, hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support.

To provide our community, rural and specialty health clients with the best solutions and services at a reduced cost, Cerner CommunityWorks utilizes a multi-tenant approach.

Multi-tenancy refers to an architecture where multiple client organizations (tenants) run a single instance of software on a shared domain that hosts end-user applications for multiple concurrent users.

All client data remains secure and private with the CommunityWorks delivery model. Each domain is assigned a different tenant identifier. The cloud's data storage mechanisms partition data using this identifier, and all cloud solutions must specify an identifier to retrieve data.

Yes. The CommunityWorks model is the same EHR platform used at Cerner’s other industry-leading clients such as Advocate Health Care, Emory Healthcare and Intermountain Healthcare.

Cerner is well positioned to provide our clients with the stability and future vision they need from their technology partner. Cerner CommunityWorks has 100% client retention and with cumulative research and development spend exceeding $5.6 billion, Cerner will continue to deliver award-winning solutions while also preparing for tomorrow, today.

Cerner CommunityWorks has consistently received high rankings from industry analyst firms such as KLAS, Black Book, and peer60. Cerner’s awards include:

  • KLAS
    • Category Leader (Community) - Acute Care EMR (three consecutive years)
    • Best in KLAS (Application Hosting) – Remote Hosting Option (eight consecutive years)
  • Black Book
    • Black Book #1 – Community Hospitals (seven consecutive years)
    • Black Book #1 – Hospital-Based Nurses and Hospitalist Physicians (two consecutive years)
    • Black Book #1 – Inpatient EHR/HIT Tech Support Results (add year here)
  • Peer60
    • #1 Mindshare – 2016 Enterprise Analytics
    • Mindshare Leader – 2016 EHR
    • Mindshare Leader – 2016 Revenue Cycle Management
    • Mindshare Leader – 2016 Population Health
    • Mindshare Leader – 2016 Patient Engagement

78% of live, eligible acute CommunityWorks clients have successfully achieved HIMSS Stage 6. The features and functionality available with Cerner CommunityWorks allow our community and rural health clients to meet the criteria for HIMSS Stage 6 upon going live.

To learn more about Cerner CommunityWorks solutions, services and offerings, please click the ‘Contact Us to Learn More' button at the top of the page.

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