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Community, Critical Access & Specialty Hospital

Community and Critical Access Hospital

Utilizing our expertise in IT, process improvement and transformational leadership, CommunityWorks collaborates with rural health systems to identify opportunities to increase value for you and your patients.

CommunityWorks is focused on involving patients in their own health. By leveraging Cerner’s technologies, your hospital can shift from reactive care to proactive health management and your patients are able to take control of their health.

Together with Cerner CommunityWorks, rural health systems are leading the industry in performance excellence. We are dedicated to increasing value for your organization and excellence in care for patients.


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Related Offerings


We support physician practices of all size and 40+ specialties, delivering integrated clinical and financial solutions and services, for affiliated and independent physician practices alike.


Provide knowledge driven care, across all cardiovascular venues while reducing the total cost of care through effective chronic cardiovascular disease management. Our cardiovascular workflows provide cardiologists and other care providers automated and streamlined functions across the continuum of care.

Continuum of Care

Cerner is focused on automating the process of managing the health and care of populations across the care continuum.

Emergency Medicine

From door to discharge, Cerner empowers Emergency Medicine providers and clinicians with a comprehensive patient record across the continuum of care.


Cerner’s Laboratory solutions provide a closed-loop workflow that simplifies the processes of your laboratory and supports the sharing of information across your lab network.

Open and Interoperable

Supporting an open, collaborative environment that puts the patient first.

Patient Access

Our integrated solutions allow you to get complete and accurate information at the point of service to help manage your cash flow.

Patient Engagement

To aid organizations in empowering people, families and care teams to be active participants in their health and care, Cerner offers a robust member engagement solution that enables a person and their care team to be aligned, informed and educated on an ongoing basis.


Cerner’s Perioperative Solution is a fully integrated perioperative solution that creates a perioperative safety zone which facilitates informed decision making by clinicians.


Our solutions enable providers to put the patient at the center of everything they do.


Our radiology solutions provide streamlined workflows that enable the use of advanced viewing capabilities in context with patients’ EHR information such as patient history, radiation dose information, laboratory results, and medications.

Women's Health

Cerner’s Women’s Health solutions collect pertinent information and integrate directly into the EHR. We are dedicated to provide solutions from birth through menopause. With one consistent record, it allows the care team and providers to focus on what matters most – their patients.


What upcoming events will give me an opportunity to learn more about CommunityWorks?

  • Cerner Health Conference - Kansas City
    October 9-12, 2017

For more information on CommunityWorks, please contact us at