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Consulting Services

Deliver value through a model experience where our clients learn from each other, clinicians are given more time to provide care, financial friction is reduced, the patient is at the center, and together, we’re focused on making communities healthier.

Advancing health and care to enable our clients to achieve world-class clinical, financial and quality performance.

About Our Implementation Services

Governance Structure

  • Commitment: drives organizational commitment and sponsorship for the program
  • Values: keeps the organization focused on what is best for patients and the organization/system overall, rather than what is best for an individual department/group/cluster/facility
  • Readiness: evaluates and mitigates risks to ensure the organization/system is prepared to execute the program
  • Accountability: creates accountability for individuals and groups to complete tasks on a defined schedule
  • Engagement: provides work teams with resources and empowers decision-making at the lowest level possible
  • Standardization: promotes standardized approaches based on industry best practice
  • Efficiency: accelerates decision-making with simple and effective decision models and is agile enough to quickly change strategy based on lessons learned

Implementation Framework

  • Process: aligned with Cerner Consulting, your project follows a process that leads you to not only a successful implementation but also targets the value you want from your new workflows and solutions
  • Flexibility: allows you to choose the best approach for your organization and strategy whether it be:
    • Activating all or most of your new workflows and technology at one time
    • Phased Approach
    • Roll out approach
  • Results: based on decades of experience infused with the latest thinking on organizational change, the event-based sequence of the Cerner Consulting Framework produces changes quickly

Targeted Reporting

  • Quality: assures the comparing and contrasting the localization of your Cerner solutions to the recommended best practices
  • Engagement: promotes engagement by allowing team members to review project calendar, tasks and risks, and make recommendations and take action, as well as modify documents in the project plan
  • Workflows: leverages recommended best practices, Cerner teams’ expertise and your teams’ insights to create optimal workflows for your organization
  • Analytics: a suite of web based testing tools eliminates the manual, time consuming activities within the testing process and still allows for centralized creation, management and execution of test scripts

Continuous Improvement is a value-based, data-driven organization that makes optimization easy for you. We assist you in getting current and staying current, enabling you to make better decisions for better health care management.

We have an iterative approach where we:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in People, Process and Technology
  • Leverage modern capabilities and specialty roles from Model Experience
  • Establish a process for ongoing improvement in the highest priority areas

By making optimization continuous, we ensure your organization has access to the best possible processes, experiences, and outcomes that can be achieved with Cerner.

If you currently or are planning to employ Cerner Millennium clinical or revenue cycle solutions, extending your relationship to include Cerner’s ERP offerings gives you a powerful advantage: the full integration of your systems by Cerner’s teams. This can lead you to superlative efficiencies, visibility and control. Data passes smoothly between systems allowing unmatched automation and reporting capabilities. With Cerner's ERP offerings, you can study and manage your resources across care delivery, revenue cycle and finance.

    Key benefits:

  • Singular mission to advance the delivery of care, which is why health care is the only ERP we do
  • Proven expertise in health care ERP and Oracle PeopleSoft/Cloud
  • Best-in-KLAS hosting services
  • Unmatched ability to integrate Cerner Millennium and Oracle solutions
  • Rely on one vendor to manage both your clinical and ERP applications, commonly the two largest applications within a health care organization

    Our approach to organizational change management, training and end-user coaching provides the framework that will enable your physicians, nurses and staff to confidently and competently use your new system. We help ensure not only that they are able to use it, but that they are motivated to use it as intended.  Whether you are a new Cerner client, or a current client preparing for new solutions and upgrades, we offer services to get your organization beyond your EHR conversion to drive true adoption of the Cerner system. Our goal can be simply summarized: get people competent and confident quickly.

      Key benefits:

    • Increased adoption and satisfaction with the Cerner system
    • End-user competency and optimization of Cerner system
    • Maximizes the benefit of your Cerner investment

    Adapting to the clinical, cultural and technological changes of the modern health care industry is a huge challenge for organizations. In order to not only survive, but thrive, organizations must be able to incorporate new ideas and processes quickly and learn how to manage change effectively.

    Cerner's change management services help to get your organization from where you are to where you want to be. Our CLEAR model provides the framework and tools to introduce and maintain change in your organization and, in doing so, can help you optimize your people's efficiency and effectiveness. Key benefits:

    • Help drive employee engagement and adoption of technology
    • A clear framework to diagnose an organization's culture and help overcome barriers to success
    • Support for the design, development and delivery of a change management strategy

    The Upgrade Center (UC) is a dedicated team of experts focused solely on aligning your organization with the latest code release for all your Cerner platforms. You can stay current with Cerner’s latest innovations while keeping your IT team’s focus on other critical areas. Cerner’s dedicated resources will handle your upgrades and minimize incidents. With Upgrade Center Managed Services (UCMS) – our highest form of alignment – we improve quality, reduce cost, and increase user satisfaction by aligning our team with yours to oversee unlimited upgrades, testing events, and execute ongoing certification package testing.

    Current Platforms Supported:

    • Bridge Medical
    • CareAware
    • Cerner Retail
    • Clairvia
    • FetaLink
    • Healthcare Intelligence
    • Millennium
    • MPages
    • Soarian

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    Learn more about our Enterprise Resource Management services.

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    Learn more about our implementation services and offerings.

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