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Strategic Consulting Services

  • Within today’s NHS, a considerable focus is being directed towards driving up the quality and consistency of care, improving outcomes for patients, and realising efficiency and productivity savings.

    At Cerner, we have a dedicated team of strategic consultants whose goal is to work in partnership with you, transforming healthcare within your organisation and delivering real benefit.

    Getting it right first time

    Our consultants have first-hand experience of understanding and delivering complex change in a fast-paced environment. We know the critical building blocks and enablers that your organisation will need to have in place to ensure a successful change programme. Our team will work with you, preparing you for transformation and supporting you every step of the way.

    Maintaining and improving performance

    With the necessary structural elements in place for a successful change programme, we will undertake a comprehensive review of your current working practices. Our team will make recommendations to standardise and improve your processes prior to implementing the supporting technology, using evidence-based recommended workflows to ensure optimal performance.

    To further support your goals, our consultants bring performance improvement experience with diagnostic and transformation services alongside proven evidence-based clinical decision support solutions. We will identify opportunities for improvement and determine the right changes in people, process and technology to achieve the desired results.

    • We can help your organisation to prepare for change through establishing the right governance and change management capability
    • We provide clinical transformation support and benefits management expertise
    • We enable data-driven performance improvement opportunities with associated benefits
    • We can support you with the challenge to digitise records and achieve paperless by 2018
    • We can help you to measure harm free care at the point of care
    • We provide a range of solutions designed to release time to care