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Drug Database

The Cerner Multum drug, herbal and nutraceutical database is a leading industry resource designed to assist you in your safe medication use efforts.  

Cerner continues to evaluate expanding Multum to provide more than the nine country-specific content sets it currently offers.

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  • The software solutions and databases created by Cerner Multum provide pertinent drug information, designed to allow providers to safely recommend medications with accurate dosage, while addressing interaction concerns. cross-allergy concerns.
  • Cerner Multum is used in a variety of EHRs, providing interactions, DUR and clinical decision support providers need.

Accurate drug data and decision support is imperative to any patient’s care regimen.

Multum is used as a reference for health plans to help determine coverage and is used in patient portals as an educational resource. Health plans require accurate drug and pricing information.

Multum is used by the Department of Defense in Millennium solutions and is also one of the data sources CMS uses to formulate their RxNorm standard.

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Inpatient Pharmacy

The medication dispensing process is one of the key drivers for delivering safe patient care. Using the Inpatient Pharmacy solution, your pharmacy and clinical personnel can automate their processes, engineered to allow patients to get the right medicine at the right time.

Retail Pharmacy

In today’s health care environment, it has never been more important to keep track of your patients’ health after discharge. An integrated retail pharmacy system within the health system’s outpatient or retail pharmacy can help monitor patients after they leave your facility.

Automated Dispensing Cabinet

RxStation, a Cerner Millennium solution, provides a single formulary across the health system to help nurses and pharmacists more safely and efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration.


What database offerings does Multum provide?

Cerner Multum™ solution integrates the following databases to provide you with an inclusive drug information resource.

  • Lexicon Plus - Cerner Multum™ provides a foundational database with comprehensive drug product and disease nomenclature information to link with our clinical information systems and other outside systems.
  • VantageRx Database - VantageRx™ Database contains drug knowledge in a Microsoft Access format that embeds into your own application and delivers essential clinical content through a series of database tables.
  • addVantageRx™ SDK – The addVantageRx™ SDK includes all of the database tables in the VantageRx Database, but is delivered as a software development kit (SDK) containing easily implemented components. Organizations receive development interfaces.
  • SubscribeRx - Cerner Multum provides a hosted solution, called Subscribe Rx, for clients who want to use the software development kit (SDK), but do not want to host the SDK software server components and the clinical databases in their client environments.

The software solutions and databases created by the pharmacy professionals at Cerner Multum are central to many clinical decision support systems, online tools and electronic health records currently in use by hospital systems, home care providers, physician offices and pharmacies worldwide.