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Emergency Medicine

From door to discharge, Cerner empowers Emergency Medicine providers and clinicians with a comprehensive patient record across the continuum of care.

Emergency Medicine

Imagine...with Cerner Emergency Medicine


Helping providers route patients to the right venue of care.

Today, Emergency Departments are under increasing pressure to treat larger patient populations with fewer resources while maximizing revenues and maintaining strict quality standards. Cerner FirstNet is positioned to address these challenges.

Cerner Emergency Medicine provides end-to-end solutions and services. Designed by ED clinicians for ED clinicians. Learn more about how we change the way health and care is being delivered, inside and out of the ED.

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CareAware is Cerner's comprehensive enterprise-wide solution for device connectivity. CareAware® is a suite of solutions that enable any area of a hospital to create an environment where all devices are integrated and contextually aware to ensure the right data is presented in the right format at the right time.

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Cerner understands the challenges of managing hospital operations today, and offers solutions to help improve the patient’s entire throughput journey by coordinating the right caregiver with the right patient at the right place and the right time. 


We support nurses and the entire care team by connecting workflows across the care continuum. We’re uniquely positioned to develop the solutions and services that enhance efficiency and simplify communications among care team members 


Cerner’s physician solutions include more than 40 specialties – created by physicians for physicians – to drive efficiency and productivity. We know that not every physician works the same way; Cerner solutions allow for screen customization, allowing you to provide the best care with the fewest distractions.