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Workforce Health

Workforce Health

To help you reduce health care expenses, improve the well-being of your workforce and attract and retain top talent, consider our suite of services.

Powered by our population health management platform, our services provide insight into the health of your population.

When you know your population's health, you can predict what will happen, engage employees to take action and manage results to improve health and care.

Solutions and Services

Benefits Administration

To help make benefit administration easier for you and your employees, we manage all aspects of your health plan including efficient claims processing and integration with your wellness programs. 

Cerner Motion HealthSM

Cerner Motion Health reveals musculoskeletal issues and when people are armed with information about the mechanics of their bodies, they are empowered to make their bodies healthier and stronger. When specialty physician visits, radiology test, prescriptions, physical therapy and surgery can be reduced or avoided, health care expenses are reduced.

Health and Wellness Consulting

You receive a customized plan developed by our experienced consultants to help meet your organization’s workforce health goals. We can handle everything from creating a strategic plan, to administration of your program, including communications and access to dietitians and trainers.

Health and Wellness Portal

To encourage sustainable, healthy behavior change, our online portal is easy-to-use. The portal features a personal health assessment and enables people to track incentives and rewards for behaviors, events, positive health outcomes and other milestones.

Health Coaching

To promote positive behavior changes within your population, our certified health coaches use motivational interviewing and goal-oriented counseling to understand what motivates each person to take action. Our coaches provide encouragement and follow-up to members in their health care journey.

Health Navigation

To help your employees engage in their health, each person is matched to a health care team and given recommendations on well-being programs. Health navigators work to eliminate any obstacles a member may face in accessing or receiving necessary treatment.

On-Site Health Center

Customized and built at or near your worksite, our on-site and near-site health centers offer a wide range of services, such as primary care, urgent care, occupational health, well-being programs, nutritional counseling and chiropractic care. Our design is centered around the person. For example, we have replaced traditional waiting rooms with private care suites.

On-Site Pharmacy

Your members can have convenient access to affordable prescriptions and over-the-counter medications with our on-site pharmacy. Whether independent from or integrated with your health center, the pharmacy helps support improved medication adherence and productivity.


Does Cerner support a co-shared health center model?

Yes, we currently work with clients in this arrangement. This model enables employers to offer convenient access to health and care for their employees, while sharing in the costs and recognizing the benefits.

To help stratify your population by specific criteria, such as conditions and risks, and pinpoint gaps in care, we use our population health management platform, HealtheIntentSM. HealtheIntent enables us to connect data including clinical and claims data, wellness and lab and biometric data, to create a comprehensive health record for each member. All Cerner solutions are proprietary and third party infrastructures are never employed. The connected data provides insight into the health of your population.

Cerner has obtained NCQA certifications in the areas of Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) and Health Information Products (HIP). The WHP certifications earned are in the areas of Health Appraisal and Self-Management Tools for our Cerner Wellness Solution, and Health Coaching for our Health Coaching Services.
In addition, Children’s Mercy Employee Wellness Center, operated and managed by Cerner, was recently awarded Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCHM) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

You benefit from what we learn from managing the health and care of our own 24,000+ associates and their families. While Cerner serves as a living lab, many of our clients are also seeing results and winning awards:

  • Five clients plus Cerner ranked in the 2016 Healthiest Workplace in America list by Healthiest Employers LLC.
  • Cerner was recognized from 2011 to 2016 by the Kansas City Business Journal as one of Kansas City’s Healthiest Employers.
  • Received the National Business Group on Health with the Employers for Healthy Lifestyle award from 2010 to 2016.