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Enterprise Document Management

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Modernizing Healthcare Documentation

Enterprise documentation can help drive intuitive workflows

Information is powerful – especially in an enterprise healthcare setting. It influences clinical actions and drives how revenue cycle teams operate in their daily workflows. That’s why focusing on documentation efficiencies surrounding healthcare information is so important.

When information is captured, processed, and viewed efficiently within the EHR, healthcare teams and ultimately, patients see the benefit. Connecting automation and intelligence into daily workflows helps ensure that paper and electronic documents are incorporated in the chart quickly and accurately. When we improve access to information required for informed clinical and operational decision making, we help create a more patient-centric EHR.


This enterprise solution provides document capture, storage, and retrieval. With connectivity into the Cerner EHR, document management aims to provide information where it is needed to help reduce costs and improve care.

Our enterprise solution enables you to: 

  • Connect to the Cerner EHR to facilitate a holistic medical record
  • Scan items into a patient’s record through point of care capture. Items are stored in context and made available to authorized users across the organization.
  • Capture electronic documents from non-Cerner systems into the patient record through document import capabilities
  • Streamline departmental specific workflows including registration and laboratory

Cerner Advanced Capture is a document capture solution that tackles the manual efforts associated with indexing documents to the electronic chart. This cloud deployed web application provides workflows for staff and analytic dashboards that help organizations track activity.

Cerner Advanced Capture enables you to:

  • Capture and track scanned batches in a queue, view the status, and act if necessary
  • Filter batches to readily access relevant work in the task queue or review batch status for progress
  • Leverage barcode recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), and intelligent form recognition to index documents to the correct patient and document type within the EHR
  • View batch summaries, detailed batch reports, trending dashboard, and pages processed per validation hour as key performance indicators

Cerner Forms Suite and Cerner Patient eSignature offer forms management and patient eSignature capabilities across the enterprise. These offerings support the capture of clinical and informed consents and registration forms. With connectivity to the EHR, our electronic consent solutions aim to reduce human error and lost forms.

Cerner Forms Suite and Cerner Patient eSignature enables you to:

  • Support data accuracy by pre-populating information from the EHR
  • Capture key documents for compliance with workflow rules that pre-select forms and ensure completion
  • Complete forms accessed through the patient’s EHR

Work Queue Management is an imaging solution that manages external electronic documentation in the EHR. It manages inbound documentation electronically with the goal of moving healthcare organizations one step closer to becoming paperless.

Work Queue Management enables you to:

  • Streamline the posting of faxed images into the EHR
  • Route documents to clinic or department queues for processing by the appropriate personnel
  • Fax documents that require clarification back to originator for follow-up

Enterprise Document Management product offerings vary by region. The features on the page reflect what is generally available in the U.S. market. Please contact your designated sales associate or submit the form on this page if you have questions about product availability in your region.


How do I view document images?

Documents open in an embedded viewer within various Cerner Millennium® workflows allowing for the end user to continue their tasks while viewing necessary images. End users view posted documents within the context of the patient and encounter while performing clinical workflows. Documents will be grouped together by document type. Certain workflows allow for document viewing across encounters if needed. Images can be processed and stored in black and white or color to keep the integrity of the original document.

Per data* from the Lights On Network®:

  • A total of 2,661,963,738 documents were viewed from Cerner Millennium® using Cerner Enterprise Document Management products.
  • Cerner clients captured electronic patient consent 115,098,009 times using Cerner Enterprise Document Management products.
  • 319+ clients used Cerner Enterprise Document Management products during 2021.

*Lights On Network® data sourced from January 2021 through December 2021

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