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Life sciences

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Life sciences

To bring public sector clinical research to the fingertips of healthcare providers, Oracle Cerner supports a network of sites on a common data platform to enable sharing of de-identified healthcare data for research. Access to data sets for feasibility analysis as well as a consortium of sites that participate in research trials can help clinical researchers accelerate trials. Due to a common data platform and United States-wide site base, Cerner is able to help more efficiently bring extramural research trials that span a normally under-represented population to the public sector.

Capabilities for the life sciences market

Cerner has worked with healthcare providers, hospitals, and researchers nationwide to advance healthcare delivery for more than forty years. Our comprehensive and modular suite of technology, health analytics tools, infrastructure, data solutions, and services is compatible with federal programs designed to encourage discoveries that improve population health and care delivery. We help bring speed and efficiency to existing bottlenecks in the research continuum (Figure 1) while maintaining the ethics and rigor required of all clinical research endeavors.

The research continuum

Life sciences research continuum