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Federal Data Management

Leveraging the Power of Data to Transform Health Care.

With one of the largest collections of personal health information in the world, Cerner is helping to solve some of the nation’s top healthcare challenges impacting the world today. We are making data and networks work faster, and able to centralize health information across any record and any payer, working from one platform while ensuring patient data is protected and secure.

We are modernizing the curation of health data. We let government, researchers and health systems know the whole story, revealing important insights into patient care, helping make clinical and operational decisions easier, and discovering social disparities and pinpointing patient vulnerabilities for more equitable and prescriptive treatment.

Harnessing frontline health data to fight COVID-19

We are working with federal and local health authorities to stream frontline information direct from hospitals to empower public health organizations to predict outbreaks and trend disease. By harnessing over 40 years of trusted health data management, existing relationships with health care providers and access to frontline health data, Cerner offers a unique position to provide data and insights to federal agencies.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been acting as a data clearinghouse, easing the workload burden put on health care providers by minimizing the volume of individual government reporting requests, currently sending data from almost 450 Cerner client health facilities to U.S. Health and Human Services. This enables health care providers to focus on providing care, and gets the right information, to the right authorities quickly, when time matters most.

Enriching national clinical trials and studies

Cerner’s ability to provide researchers with comprehensive and current data and intelligence is foundational to achieve our vision of a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives. One way we’re supporting that vision is by advocating for and developing open, cognitive platforms that deliver true interoperability, and supplying the most comprehensive, current data to COVID-19 researchers and decision-makers.

It’s critical that federal government authorities, state public health experts, and policy development officials find the most effective approach to data collection, sharing, and reporting for now and in the future. This webinar investigates how to make data sharing faster and more efficient to relieve the burden faced by health care providers and identify potential infrastructure improvements that could facilitate proactive, bidirectional care intervention.