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Health Coaching

Those who empower and motivate us to take charge of our health become our stepping stones to change. But to truly change, we need someone who understands our risks, needs and ultimate goals, and provides a path to get us there.

Powerful health coaching

Prescriptive, one-on-one coaching sessions helps members understand their health status and set goals for improvement. Whether an individual is low, moderate, or high risk, qualified coaches deliver the right amount of personal attention to each member to reverse unhealthy habits and lead happy, healthy lives.

Cerner health coaches are specifically trained to determine an individual’s readiness to change, identify motivations, evaluate barriers, and set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound (SMART).

Health Coaching

Continued engagement for lasting change

Helping individuals set goals is just the beginning. Our health coaches use the integrated coaching module in the Health Portal to foster continued engagement in a personal and relevant way. With a module that supports functional and reporting requirements for NCQA WHP accreditation, coaches can:

  • Review individual health data
  • Document coaching sessions
  • Manage populations by conditions and risk
  • Review member engagement
  • Communicate directly and securely with individual members
  • Create one-to-many communications in context to risks and goals

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