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Hospitals & Health Systems

We understand your challenges. We can help.

At Cerner, we believe that health care is too important to stay the same™. We understand that the challenges you face as a hospital or health system are both unique and complex. Ineffective, disjointed systems inhibit your ability to provide the best patient care and can shrink your bottom line. Cerner offers a dynamic suite of solutions and services that extend beyond the continuum of care to help you operate your organization, improve workflow efficiency, engage your community in its own well-being and, most importantly, continually advance patient care. Cerner is committed to serving as your trusted health care advisor to help your organization navigate the ever-changing health care landscape and achieve better outcomes.

Benefits of our Electronic Health Record

Our integrated, interoperable, patient-centered EHR platform spans the continuum of care.

Confidence in the care you provide


The Cerner EHR platform, Millennium®, supports an enterprise-wide view of patient care and the point at which care was delivered in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings. This seamless integration across the continuum of care enables providers to make informed, data-driven decisions without leaving the clinical workflows. Millennium offers powerful decision support that utilizes predictive algorithms to fire rules and alerts, engaging providers when a patient requires care.

Physician experience

We believe being a physician is far more than just a title or a role; it’s a calling. Cerner employs over 100 physicians, and we work alongside our clients to design intuitive solutions – applications that collaborate across platforms (mobile and desktop) and enhance user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Download our free white paper to learn more about the physician burnout crisis and what Cerner is doing to help clients and identify other methods to help organizations reduce physician burnout.

Download our free white paper

Patient experience

Empower patients to be involved in their care with our patient portal. Our portal is integrated with the EHR system and provides the patient with access to their longitudinal record. Patients can communicate with providers through secure messaging to book or change appointments, view clinical information, request refills, update information and send files. Through the portal, physicians can share accredited, evidence-based data with their patients on more than 3,000 topics.

Commitment to success

Implementation support

New implementations of Cerner solutions use Model Experience, our collection of industry and Cerner best practices, to provide strategic recommendations for implementing and utilizing Cerner platforms. Cerner Consulting Services specializes in organizational change management and will lead your organization through the implementation process. We’ll work with your employees to establish engagement and encourage best practices so your staff can confidently and competently adopt your new EHR system.

Full-service, user-centric support

Continuous Improvement is a value-based, data-driven organization that makes optimization easy for you. We assist you in getting current and staying current, enabling you to make better decisions for better health care management.

We have an iterative approach where we identify opportunities for improvement in People, Process and Technology. Using Model Experience, we leverage modern capabilities and specialty roles. Additionally, we establish a process for ongoing improvement in the highest priority areas

By making optimization continuous, we ensure your organization has access to the best possible processes, experiences, and outcomes that can be achieved with Cerner.

Strategic Vision

Cerner has been a pioneer in health care technology since 1979 and is well positioned to provide our clients with the stability and vision they need from their technology provider. With cumulative research and development spend exceeding $6.6 billion, Cerner will continue to deliver award-winning solutions for the now and the next.

Integration across the continuum

Seamlessly integrated

With Cerner solutions, you can share and access information easily among multiple facilities and across the continuum of care. Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, long-term care facilities, satellite clinics – all your locations – become connected. Cerner revenue cycle solutions are intimately integrated into the clinical process to ensure that the financial, operational and clinical facets of your organization work together.


Our interoperability solutions put health information at the fingertips of providers, within the EHR workflow. Providers spend less time searching for information and are granted more time with their patients. When information is freely shared across geographical and technological barriers, a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s unique medical history is available, enabling providers to make informed decisions regarding patient care.

CommonWell Health Alliance, easily integrated with the Cerner clinical EHR platform, facilitates nationwide interoperability. CommonWell provides infrastructure to identify patients as they transition through care facilities; locate health records regardless of where care occurred; and retrieve relevant care documents in a streamlined manner.

Power of proven


Predictable IT spend enables your organization to anticipate and plan for the IT costs related to your Cerner EHR platform so you aren’t blindsided by additional charges down the road.


Cerner offers a business model that aligns with your core strategies. We’ll measure before, during, and after implementation to ensure the solutions and services you receive are helping you meet your objectives.


The scale and global reach of Cerner enables us to stay on the cutting edge of the world’s health care trends and innovation. We take what we learn from around the globe and share it with our clients so you can leverage this knowledge to advance your own patient care.

Proven Results

Read stories of our clients' successes using EHR solutions.


Watch our EHR client achievement video playlist.

How could your health organization benefit from better tools designed to improve daily operations and, most importantly, patient care? Fill out the form below to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact will Cerner have on the delivery of patient care?

Cerner offers a suite of solutions and services designed to meet the broad needs of your organization by improving daily operations, optimizing workflows and enhancing the physician experience. By equipping users with the proper tools that integrate seamlessly, we enable providers to make timely, informed decisions regarding patient care.

Yes, our systems work together seamlessly – covering needs across the continuum and eliminating gaps in care – because they’re built to minimize the need for system integrators.

Yes, Cerner is a founding member of CommonWell Health Alliance, a nation-wide infrastructure which makes it possible to share and access patient health care information across geographical and vendor barriers.

Yes, if you are interested in speaking with other Cerner clients that are currently using our solutions and services, please .

Related Offerings


Cerner Ambulatory supports physician practices of all size and 40+ specialties, delivering integrated clinical and financial solutions and services, for affiliated and independent physician practices alike.

Chart Assist

A new AI-enabled workflow, Chart Assist is the latest addition to the suite of solutions Cerner has designed to reduce physician burnout, enhance the clinician’s experience and increase productivity.

Community & Critical Access Hospital

Community and critical access hospitals face the difficult challenge of having access to fewer resources to accomplish tasks while needing to keep up with the ever-changing health care landscape. Through a unique, cloud-based delivery model, Cerner provides an integrated digital record that meets the unique needs of these hospitals at a fraction of the cost.

Open and interoperable

Cerner uses standards, network connections and nationwide exchange to continually advance the liberation of health care data. Our open and interoperable solutions facilitate the sharing and accessing of a persons’ health information across the continuum of care, regardless of where the person previously received care -- locally, regionally or nationally.

Opioid Toolkit

We are focused on a multi-pronged approach to better support health systems in their opioid management goals. Cerner has developed an EHR-integrated toolkit designed to provide clinicians with resources directly within the workflows. The toolkit offers clinical decision support for safer opioid management, opioid prescribing, and risk mitigation.*
*All solutions/services under development. Cerner makes no assurances that the capability described herein will be provided in the solutions/services.

Population Health Management

Cerner supports creating a community that empowers the health and care of a person. For organizations proactively focusing on ways to improve the health and care of a population, our customizable suite of solutions and services enables organizations to know a population, engage each person and manage to an optimal outcome.

Remote hosting

We take system updates, disaster recovery plans, enterprise cloud services and data security seriously. Our IT experts host, manage and monitor client systems, so you can focus on the lives in your care. Cerner provides award-winning remote hosting services for Cerner Millennium® and Soarian®, as well as over 100 other business, health and care solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology centers are disaster resilient, fault tolerant and continuously maintainable. We utilize redundant infrastructures and the latest high-availability technologies.

Revenue Cycle Management

Clinical, financial and operational data working together. Our Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle™ portfolio provides integrated solutions and services to help optimize workflows and control cost to collect across acute and ambulatory venues.


Overcoming sepsis is personal to us. We know that there is a crucial window for treatment and speed is of the essence. Our Sepsis Management solution continually monitors the patient population of a hospital. This complete surveillance incorporates the St. John Sepsis Agent algorithm to check on temperature, heart rate, glucose levels and more, sending an alert to the rapid response care team if they fall outside of safe parameters, so they can act and save lives.