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Health Care Devices

  • Hospitals around the world are optimising clinical workflow and increasing safety with the CareAware® solution portfolio.

    CareAware solutions enable any area of a hospital to create an environment where all devices are integrated and contextually aware to ensure the right data is presented in the right format at the right time to improve health outcomes.

    Across the care continuum, medical devices contain life-critical information. It is essential for health care providers and patients to harness this information to make the best decisions regarding health. CareAware solutions connect medical devices to the electronic medical record, enabling an automatic flow of information for health care professionals to consult the medical record as the single source of truth™ for each patient.

    You can see our approach in action in the Cerner Smart Room™, where we bring this approach to life. We integrate these devices into your health care facility and connect them to your enterprise EMR. This not only improves the workflow experience for clinicians, but also improves the patient and family experience.