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HealtheReferrals Overview


The challenge: managing patient leakage

Nearly half of healthcare executives reported patient leakage cost them at least 10% of their annual revenue, with one in five executives stating it cost more than 20%.

You work hard for your patients and your revenue. Keeping referrals inside your network is paramount to generating both fee-for-service (increasing utilization) and risk-based revenue (managing care quality and gap closure).

Around one in three primary care appointments result in a referral. Today, many referrals are based on personal relationships. To build and retain market share, referring decisions should align to evidence-based best practices and factors like schedule availability, location and accepted insurances

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The solution: HealtheReferrals

HealtheReferralsSM helps provider organizations expand and retain patients across any EHR and any payer. The product helps guide patients to the most appropriate in-network providers through a configurable, patient-provider matching algorithm that considers factors like specialty, insurance network, proximity to patient and network affiliation. Not to mention, it offers analytics and referral coordination capabilities aimed at helping provide transparency across employed and affiliated provider networks.

HealtheReferrals is designed to enable organizations to:

HealtheReferrals Identify Icon


Identify and analyze top sources of leakage

HealtheReferrals Build Icon


Build and maintain a provider directory that spans employed and affiliated providers

HealtheReferrals Patient-Provider Icon


Match patients to providers based on factors like provider availability, patient proximity, network affiliation and insurance

HealtheReferrals Support Icon


Support complex multi-EHR and clinically integrated networks with configurable workflows

HealtheReferrals Workflow Icon


Deliver workflow insights that can impact referral patterns at the point of care

With the average person influencing more than $1.5M in household healthcare expenditures, every referral matters. At Cerner, we understand improving margins, reducing risk and providing cost-effective care are important to the health of an organization. HealtheReferrals is focused on helping empower provider organization and executives with the insights needed to support these goals, regardless of EHR.

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The Cerner difference

Cerner is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, providing continued, wholistic value to our clients through:

HealtheReferrals Analytics Icon

An open, interoperable system for health data curation and connectedness

HealtheReferrals Interoperable

Integrated software and analytics enabling care delivery for value-based care

HealtheReferrals Clinical Data

Dedicated science to improve clinical usability of data and drive personalized medicine

In addition, Cerner offers the following industry-tested solutions that integrate and complement HealtheReferrals:

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HealtheReferrals resources
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Learn how HealtheReferrals can help you retain patients and revenue across any EHR and any payer.

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