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Health System Operations

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Effective patient throughput is key to increasing revenue, improving organizational efficiency, and providing a positive patient experience.

Oracle Cerner is focused on optimizing the patient’s journey through the health system, including resource utilization, from the time they enter the hospital through the discharge and subsequent placement across the continuum.

Our Health System Operations solutions play a vital role in a real-time health system strategy.

A real-time health system (RTHS) is a health delivery organization that leverages the use of near real-time data from many sources to help improve clinical, operational, and financial efficiency and effectiveness, and improve patient engagement in a safe and secure manner.

Cerner can help you integrate data throughout the network and within the health system, driving predictable and operational excellence with contextual awareness.


Empower your clinicians with tools and techniques that help them overcome challenges and provide high quality patient care.
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Help make decisions that impact patient throughput, efficiency, productivity and outcomes.
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Forecast demand for staff and assign the most appropriate caregiver.
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Provide situational awareness that drives decisions and action.
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Utilize data to generate predictions that support decision making, streamline workflows and transform the clinical experience.
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Leverage your data to provide new value


For the patient

Help reduce wait times and improve patient experience


For the workforce

New collaboration and mobile workflows to help reduce burnout


At the health system level

Help improve patient throughput, control costs, and manage resources more effectively

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Learn how Oracle Cerner can help lead you through a simplified RTHS journey to achieve predictable excellence, overcome barriers, and provide high quality patient care.
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