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Patient Portal

  • Cerner’s Patient Portal is a secure online solution allowing the patient to interact with their medical record and become engaged with their own health care.

    The Patient Portal brings health and wellbeing information into one location, guiding the patient to better health through personalised recommendations, alerts and education. It is consistent with the changing expectations of the public, where patients want to be at the ‘centre of care’ and involved in decisions concerning their health.

    Online patient services are designed to improve collaboration and ease administrative processes to meet the needs of the patient and clinician. The Patient Portal provides a range of services that can be deployed in accordance with your organisational priorities. These services include:

    • Viewing the health record and care instructions
    • Easily see which medications have been prescribed
    • Request prescription refills or renewals
    • Update demographic information
    • Request, schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments and view appointment instructions
    • Secure Messaging between the patient and their care team with attachments. Includes alerts, recommendations and proxy access
    • Electronic Visits enable patients and clinicians to communicate on a variety of conditions using secure online consultations. This helps the provider monitor treatment plans and intervene before problems occur
    • Access to education material which engages and encourages patients to avoid unhealthy choices whether smoking, drinking or lack of exercise
    • Collect pre-visit, post-visit, or online e-visit information from patients using branching logic questionnaires

    The self-service features available through the Patient Portal empower patients’ to become pro-active members of their care team and provides a user-friendly medium for patients to seek clarification on their condition after a consultation. The Patient Portal is consistent with the government’s policy drive of shared-decision making with patients and that a fundamental improvement in health outcomes and costs will not occur if individuals are passive participants in their health and care. Consequently, the portal is a platform to engage and activate patients to manage their health status.

    As part of our broader strategy focused on Population Health Management we will be deploying the Patient Portal with our initial UK clients in 2015.

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