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St. John Sepsis Agent

  • Sepsis is common and often deadly. It is the primary cause of death from infection, despite advances in modern medicine like vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care.

    Sepsis today is one of the leading causes of death around the world. We need to take action.

    Sepsis kills over 44,000 lives in the United Kingdom annually, more than lung cancer, and more than breast cancer and bowel cancer combined.

    Patients with sepsis occupy over 30% of ICU beds in UK hospitals, costing to the NHS over £2.5 billion annually.

    Sepsis is a complex condition which is difficult for a junior doctor or nurse to recognise. From the time sepsis first takes hold, healthcare professionals have the initial 6 hours after the diagnosis to deliver a group of interventions -- known as the Resuscitation Bundle -- to the patient. These interventions require close and rapid interaction between teams in the Emergency Department, in the general ward and in Critical Care. For an individual patient, getting the interventions right at the right time, has been shown to save lives. This may mean a 20-30% better chance of surviving.

    That's why Cerner offers an evidence-based algorithm allowing early intervention for patients at risk, and preventing deterioration into severe sepsis. The St. John Sepsis agent continuously monitors key clinical indicators and recognises a potentially septic pattern. The integrated system, which Cerner created in cooperation with Methodist North Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., gathers patient information from many sources, helping clinicians early identify patients at risk for sepsis and providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment in order to save the patients' lives.

    Benefits of St. John Sepsis Agent

    • Helping clinicians quickly identify patients at risk for sepsis can decrease mortality
    • Alerts can improve accuracy of sepsis diagnosis coding
    • Algorithm continuously evolves with the latest evidence and recommendations

    Key features of St. John Sepsis Agent

    • A proven algorithm made available with little implementation work
    • The threshold values for the algorithm can be adjusted for each domain to reduce false positives
    • The cloud service model provides real-time services improvements with minimal impact to systems and client personnel resources