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Image-enabled workflows across the continuum should be the standard, not the exception.

Capture, store, access and share imaging data and multimedia across the ecosystem.

When data, images and content are available to the care team within the EHR, better care decisions can be made providing for a greater patient experience. Cerner Imaging - cardiovascular, clinical and radiology – solutions are embedded with the EHR, delivering a holistic patient view to providers.

Clinical Imaging

Digital imaging is a critical component of any comprehensive electronic health record (EHR). Cerner Clinical Imaging solutions allow clinicians to store, manage and access all types of multimedia “content”—from radiology images (PACS) and ECGs, to video, digital photos, scanned documents, audio and waveform data.

Cerner Clinical Imaging solutions provide the ability to store, manage and access all types of multimedia to be accessed within the EHR.

A comprehensive EHR includes digital images and various forms of multimedia. Our clinical imaging solutions provides a holistic patient record by allowing you to handle all imaging and media content generated in the care process. This ensures that all relevant information is available to physicians, nurses and clinicians, within the EHR.

Key Benefits of Cerner Clinical Imaging Solutions

  • Improves operational efficiencies through reduced time to capture, store, access and share clinical media
  • Eliminates data silos
  • Improves patient care through access of comprehensive, contextually relevant information in a timely manner
  • Reduces chart review time by delivering a holistic patient record in the EHR
  • Reduces ED visit duration for cases requiring consults with dermatology, wound care or plastic surgery
  • Reduce insurance fraud - banner bar photos provide positive patient identification

Related Offerings

Cardiovascular: imaging and non-imaging

Cardiovascular Imaging Management*
EHR embedded, knowledge-driven workflows that provide automated and streamlined cardiovascular functions across the continuum of care. Cerner cardiovascular solutions are designed to reducing the total cost of care through effective chronic cardiovascular disease management.
*Formally PowerChart Cardiovascular

ECG Management*
Allows cardiologists to receive, manage, display and report on electrocardiogram (ECG) exams directly within the electronic health record (EHR); anytime, anywhere. Cerner is the first to present a consolidated view of ECG information, incorporating prior encounters, critical results and observations into the EHR.
*Formally PowerChart ECG

Cardiovascular service lines
Supports health care organizations in providing holistic, integrated, cardiovascular care of the patient across the continuum of care.

Clinical Imaging

CareAware MultiMedia (CAMM)
Cerner’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) platform designed to manage all forms of multimedia, such as images and video and integrate them with the EHR. This ensures contextually relevant, comprehensive and timely critical information access, available at the point of care — or across the continuum of care.

Camera Capture
Allows providers to capture images and then store them in Cerner’s CareAware MultiMedia Archive, for access within the EHR. Patient context is set at the time of the capture, and personal health information (PHI) is kept intact and secure by storing directly to the EHR and bypassing storage of images on the local devices.

Image Sharing
Enables seamless exchanges of images and data between health care organizations, venues of care, and providers to help in diagnosing and treating patients with a comprehensive EHR. Availability of a holistic patient record aides in reducing unnecessary imaging.


Cerner picture archiving communications system (PACS)
Cerner PACS provides a cohesive viewer for multiple workflows, across the continuum. It adapts to any user, viewing any image, on any device, with flexibility to build and personalize your view.

Cerner Radiology Information System (RIS)
Cerner is designed to automate your diagnostic imaging department, streamlining operations. This provides quick access to critical data such as allergies, lab values or current medications.

  • Cerner Mammography Management
    Cerner RadNet® Mammography manages follow-up and tracks breast imaging procedures. This solution assists clients in achieving compliance with Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).
  • Cerner Visual Desktop Integration (VDI)
    Cerner’s VDI provides a visual tie in of RadNet® with non-Cerner PACS, allowing physicians to interpret, access vital clinical information, and obtain prior reports without logging into a disparate system.