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Inpatient Pharmacy

Inpatient Pharmacy

Using the Inpatient Pharmacy solution, your pharmacy and clinical personnel can automate their processes, helping to ensure that patients get the right medication at the right time.  

Cerner will continue to add productivity and safety tools to Inpatient Pharmacy, in an effort to help make and keep individuals healthy and reduce readmissions.

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Integrated with Millennium operations, Inpatient Pharmacy streamlines the inpatient medication process.

Provider benefits

  • Millennium Inpatient Pharmacy solutions give you access to extensive clinical information, help monitor your patients around the clock with alerts and provide you the ability to share information directly with other caregivers.
  • Pharmacists may improve productivity with powerful tools that enhance departmental pharmacy operations and flow.

With reduced data entry and extensive clinical checks, Inpatient Pharmacy solutions may increase accuracy of dispensed medication, reduce dispensing errors and improve clinical outcomes by providing comprehensive information at the time clinicians need it.

The medication dispensing process is one of the key drivers for delivering safe patient care, while errors and adverse drug events can significantly impact your patients’ safety. Using the Inpatient Pharmacy solution, your inpatient pharmacy personnel can automate their processes, helping them to have better visibility to the medications their patients are being administered, which can influence desirable clinical outcomes.

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In what environments can Inpatient Pharmacy operate?

Inpatient Pharmacy is a powerful tool used either as a stand-alone solution or when used in conjunction with the unified Cerner Millennium architecture. The Inpatient Pharmacy solution also connects to legacy systems, robotic and medication dispensing systems and TPN compounders.

Key features within Inpatient Pharmacy include:

  • Multum® drug database helps pharmacist check for drug-drug, drug-food and drug-allergy interactions.
  • Dose Rang Checking helps pharmacists validate a patient’s dose based on age, weight and surface area, frequency and route of administration, dosing interval and duration of therapy.
  • Discern Expert® is a powerful rules engine that automates policies, guidelines and best practices.
  • ADE prevention alerts predefine rules that address drug-lab, drug-demographic and drug-radiology interactions in real time.

Using Inpatient Pharmacy in conjunction with other unified Millennium solutions allows pharmacists to access complete patient information, monitor patients around the clock with knowledge-driven alerts and share information with other caregivers.