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Data exchange impacts every aspect of health care today.

Cerner Interoperability makes data flow freely using standards, network connections and nationwide exchange to give clinicians access to relevant information regardless of source and support data sharing across the continuum. With a more complete picture of the person, we empower clinicians to make better care decisions and plan appropriate care.

Cerner Interoperability empowers clinicians with intuitive access to data that helps inform care decisions.


Cerner leads with standards, network connections and nationwide exchange to make data sharing possible with any system regardless of EHR. We connect care organizations to relevant data from many different sources, including but not limited to:

  • Other health venues
  • Health information exchanges (HIE)
  • CommonWell Health Alliance® and Carequality
  • State registries such as immunizations and prescription drug monitoring programs
  • Provider and consumer health apps

Cerner supports a wide range of clinical data sharing and enables streamlined communication and coordination with other care team members. Clinicians can:

  • View outside patient records from care venues nationwide and discover where a patient recently visited
  • View and exchange data from connected sources, such as other health care venues, state and national registries, PACS systems for image viewing, regional/state HIEs and CommonWell, regardless of EHR
  • Aggregate clinical data and share discharge summaries and clinical notes
  • Securely share messages and documents with other providers
  • Transact lab and radiology orders and results between ambulatory and acute care systems
  • Report immunization data to local, county, state or national immunization registries, query for patient vaccination histories and forecasts, and build longitudinal immunization records
  • Push patient admission notifications to providers
  • View reconciled medication history, drug brand alternatives and cost information, manage prior authorizations, analyze patients’ controlled substance usage, and electronically prescribe standard and non-controlled substances
  • Share medical images with other care organizations
  • Connect acute and ambulatory facilities, as well as reference labs, through one standardized connection, reducing the need for multiple point-to-point connections.

Cerner is advancing interoperability in a way that will empower clinicians by redefining the experience of accessing and acting on health information from any source. New advancements will simplify the workflow and enhance usability by proactively collecting data from more sources, improving processing of collected data and displaying the information intuitively at the point of care where it's needed.

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Near real-time health care connections, across the globe.

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CommonWell Health Alliance

Cerner is a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, which is advancing interoperability by connecting systems nationwide and making health data available no matter where care occurs. 

Cerner Health Information Exchange

Cerner Health Information Exchange allows providers to view and exchange patient data, regardless of their EHR.

Device Connectivity

Cerner’s Device Connectivity solutions use a workflow-driven, open architecture platform designed to support interoperability between validated medical devices and the EHR, regardless of vendor. With more than 50 validated device partners and 1,000 supported devices, we are continuously working toward improving communication between medical devices and systems, including making sure our devices follow the latest industry standards.

Open Platforms

Cerner’s open platforms, open technologies and open business approach enable innovative collaboration and the development of apps that fulfill edge needs. Our open application programming interfaces, called Cerner Ignite APIs, allow your organization to integrate apps directly into your workflows at the point of care. 

Lights On Network

Cerner’s industry-leading EHR analytics solution, Lights On Network, provides data-driven analysis to help you understand which interoperability methods are used across your organization. Measure near real-time data such as orders received, results sent, messages exchanged and electronic prescription usage to determine the impact of interoperability as your organization moves from paper processes to newer technologies.