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Learning Health Network

Health data research

Enhance your clinical impact

Join a network of nationwide health systems dedicated to data sharing to advance clinical research.

On a mission to revolutionize research, the Cerner Learning Health NetworkSM (LHN) offers health systems complimentary access to a network of standardized de-identified data and the resources to begin or further research efforts. It provides opportunities to generate revenue with funded research studies. Health systems can join with no capital investment or exclusivity required.

Discover how Real-World Data solutions are being leveraged by researchers by visiting the Cerner Real-World Data Publications site.

Discover the benefits of the Learning Health Network.


Launch or further research capabilities

• Use technology that aims to help simplify the research process

• Select clinical research studies

• Gain resources to help with record retrieval requests

• Receive the opportunity for research funding

• Leverage a network of de-identified data

• Enable teams to conduct high-volume, efficient trial and outcomes research

• Devote less technical effort to data onboarding and cleansing

• Access data kept current by the Cerner team

• Share learnings with a network of participants

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How can health systems join the Learning Health Network?

• Sign data agreements.

• Cerner works with client to confirm allowable data sources to be shared to the LHN.

• Cerner performs data onboarding; low IT engagement from client.

• Cerner performs HIPAA-compliant Safe Harbor de-identification during data onboarding, including “site anonymization” - which blinds client in the data.

• Client identifies research liaison for Cerner to notify about new research opportunities for opt-in/opt-out.

• Cerner provides access to “Real-World Data” portal and basic training to client users to use national de-identified data with Cerner-hosted tools inside Cerner’s firewall.

Data will be protected by a data governance council, with site and patient input, that oversees and monitors the data and research of the LHN.

Cerner will never:

• Move patient-level data (even de-identified) beyond Cerner’s control without direct site consent

• Link with marketing or non-clinically relevant data sets

• Permit use of identifiable data sets without direct patient consent

• Reveal member organizations and specific localities without direct site consent

• Reveal clinician data without direct site/provider consent

• Demand exclusivity

The LHN does not require IT investment by clients. Cerner performs the data onboarding which aims to reduce IT bottlenecks for clients.

The LHN is unique in that the goal is to create a network of diverse, nationwide organizations, including:

• Large integrated delivery networks (IDN)

• Health authorities

• Community hospitals

• Government agencies

While data sharing is inherent to the LHN, a key focus is on operationalizing research tools to support clinical studies and creating opportunities for members to participate in those studies. Study tools include:

• Patient recruitment

• Data capture and quality

• Chart review

• Patient adherence

• Risk calculation

The LHN is designed to be a continual data quality improvement loop by pushing further cleansed data back into the network for members to leverage for research purposes. Enhancements to data cleaning and quality are accomplished through research studies that harvest additional data concepts or interpretations.


Cerner does not accept general solicitations, rather, we seek strategic opportunities to collaborate with organizations that can help us achieve our mission. Thank you to the following organizations for offering resources designed to launch or further our members' research efforts.

Elligo Health Research, a healthcare-enabling research organization, uses electronic health records and the trusted patient and physician relationship to ensure all patients have access to clinical research as a care option. Powered by our Goes Direct® approach and novel IntElligo® Research Stack clinical technology, our team provides access to the best healthcare experts, patients, and research technologies. We engage physicians and patients who otherwise would not participate in clinical research and accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products.