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Managed Services Provider

Powered by AWS

As a managed services provider (MSP), Cerner provides the management and monitoring of your technology and data within the AWS cloud infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience with healthcare data and hosting infrastructure, Cerner is skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration.

Next-generation managed services providers go beyond the management and monitoring of workloads to an end-to-end cloud solution provider.

Traditional managed services provider Next-generation managed services provider
Run and operate focus Design, architect, automate focus
Hardware-based solutions Cloud and software-based solutions
Centralized operations Distributed operations and resources
Device-based service level agreements Solution/Application-based service level agreements
Complex, manual change management Development operations, continuous integration/continuous development, self-healing solutions; infrastructure-as-code approach
Static monitoring with fixed thresholds Dynamic monitoring, anomaly detection, and Machine Learning (ML) tooling
Security risk mitigation Security-by-design, continuous compliance approach
Outsourcing vendor Trusted advisor and provider

Our Offerings


Reduce the resources and expense of managing your own data centers by migrating and hosting existing workloads in the AWS cloud.

Solutions as a service (SaaS)

SaaS offers current software without the onsite management and downtime risks that come with many third-party, non-AWS-based solutions.


Healthcare mergers and acquisitions have impacted most of us. With the aggregation of assets, both technology and data, we can assist with hosting those tools while you focus on the business at hand.


Data is being generated faster than anyone can imagine however, if you have reached or close to reaching your capacity, we can assist with your storage requirements for as long as you need.

Our Approach

The AWS MSP practice provides comprehensive management and monitoring of your AWS cloud infrastructure, freeing up your IT department to focus on their core business.

Expert account configuration

Ensure account configuration conforms to cloud best practices

24/7/365 monitoring

Always watching and ready to respond with 20+ years of hosting experience

Comprehensive maintenance

Keep a high performing cloud infrastructure with updates to patches to backups

Next-gen managed services

Leverage the latest technologies to keep their cloud fast and efficient